Awkward Family Photos

Awkward Family Photos Best Read || [MikeBender Doug Chernack] - Awkward Family Photos, Awkward Family Photos Based on the hit website AwkwardFamilyPhotos painful regrettable horrifyingly awesome snaps of family bonding you will laugh so hard that people in adjoining offices will ask what s wrong with you

  • Title: Awkward Family Photos
  • Author: MikeBender Doug Chernack
  • ISBN: 9780307592293
  • Page: 286
  • Format: Paperback

Awkward Family Photos Best Read || [MikeBender Doug Chernack], Awkward Family Photos, MikeBender Doug Chernack, Awkward Family Photos Based on the hit website AwkwardFamilyPhotos painful regrettable horrifyingly awesome snaps of family bonding you will laugh so hard that people in adjoining offices will ask what s wrong with you Esquire this full color book features never before seen photos and hilarious personal stories covering everything from uncomfortable moments with relatives teen angBased on t Awkward Family Photos Best Read || [MikeBender Doug Chernack] - Awkward Family Photos, Awkward Family Photos Based on the hit website AwkwardFamilyPhotos painful regrettable horrifyingly awesome snaps of family bonding you will laugh so hard that people in adjoining offices will ask what s wrong with you

  • Awkward Family Photos Best Read || [MikeBender Doug Chernack]
    286 MikeBender Doug Chernack
Awkward Family Photos

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  1. MikeBender Doug Chernack

    Mike Bender is a screenwriter whose credits include Not Another Teen Movie and the MTV Movie Awards He created the hit website AwkwardFamilyPhotos with childhood friend Doug Chernack in May 2009 after seeing an awkward vacation photo hung in his parent s house.


  1. Is it silly to purchase a book when these same photos and many can be found on the website of the same name Perhaps But who can possibly resist this sort of hilarity or bad judgement or dysfunction It is impossible to view this book without feeling nostalgic for my own childhood Crazy family, weird 1970 s and 1980 s fashions, incredibly awkward photos This book, and the website which inspired it, are like crack to me It is a plethora of awkwardness candid snapshots, unintentionally revealing ph [...]

  2. There is a little bit of WTF inside every family album Some families have of these WTF bits than others, and let me be the first to offer you my sincerest condolences if you and yours have less than your fair share It is my belief that the universe has a limited number of incongruous photo opportunities, and I feel sorry for those lacking documentation of wonderful family togetherness awfulness, because I m pretty sure my family stole all these photo ops from your family Which is why I ordered [...]

  3. This book had some very hysterical family photos and the captions or little blurbs about them made them even funnier The book is a compilation of way too hilarious pictures that most people can probably relate to from the stilted family portrait where no one looks natural to the freaky background wedding graduation big event shots Done in all seriousness, there are some period pieces 80s hilarity especially , some re enactments la Dynasty, Ma Pa Kettle for some priceless ones , some ouch uncomfo [...]

  4. Found it yesterday at the local transfer station Good for a few yuks If you were a space alien and had nothing to go on but this book vis vis what Planet Earth was like you might think we re all insane.

  5. I was actually kind of disappointed with this book I wanted it to be hilariously funny, but it was only kind of funny My favorite picture is at the back and took me a while to figure out the family is sitting on the couch and there was nothing strange about the picture until I noticed they were sitting on someone else and all you could see of her was her eyes That did make me laugh.Otherwise, I found only a few pictures really funny, and my husband was looking over my shoulder going, I don t get [...]

  6. This was the funniest book I have ever read It consists of really awful family photos with hilarious captions I picked it up while waiting to meet my friend at Borders and I read the entire thing I thought I was going to get myself kicked out of the store because I was making such a scene I could tell that people were not sure if I was laughing or sobbing, because I was in complete histarics When my friend arrived I was there about an hour before her, hence the ability to read the entire book be [...]

  7. As you start reading the introduction to this book you ll find yourself chuckling but as you get futher into it you will be laughing out loud to strange looks from your dear hubby or dear children or for that matter anyone within hearing distance Some of the pictures are just above and beyond hysterical and the captions with them are perfect I can actually picture myself in some of the circumstances with which the photos had been taken I m sure if I went digging through my family photo albums I [...]

  8. The inevitable spinoff of the hilarious website awkwardfamilyphotos About 75% of the photos in the book are new and about 25% had already been published on the website The photos are priceless, and the authors titles and captions are consistently funny The authors also include quite a few awkward family emails that are generally entertaining, but I would have preferred using the available page space for photographs The short introduction about the permanence, and resulting ups and downs and awkw [...]

  9. I enjoyed this very much It wasn t just the photos they were hilarious but the way they were presented There were various categories holidays, family vacations, siblings, birthdays, etc and each had a warm and humorous introduction I guess that is what I liked about this book its warmth and humour It didn t have a nasty look at those dorks tone to it, but rather look at US, being dorks We have all been there and been that awkward I also like the true stories of family related awkward incidents I [...]

  10. Awkward was too gentle a word for some of these clunkers Painful, disasterous and down right creepy would be better adjectives My personal fave was the engagement photo of a young couple, the girl in what had to be her prom dress, standing behind her man who was shirtless and sporting a farmer s tan Also, I m pretty sure he was gay I m gonna predict that marraige didn t last.

  11. Many of these pictures I ve already seen on the internet Many were funny, somet so much I had a lot of hope for this book I imagined it would be just page after page of awkward photos But there were a lot of photos that weren t necessarily awkwardjust goofy And then there were family stories not even related to photographs I was pretty disappointed.

  12. Mike Bender and Doug Chernak, Awkward Family Photos Three Rivers Press, 2010 It was a couple of weeks ago as I write this you will be seeing them posted on the same day Internet time is a funny thing that I wrote a lukewarm at best review of I Can Has Cheezburger , the blog to book that kind of started this whole schlemazel And I ll admit that maybe I m simply looking in the wrong places for my blog to book fix After all, everyone loved Julie and Julia, right One problem I loathe memoirs And to [...]

  13. I am a devoted follower of the Awkward Family Photos website at AwkwardFamilyPhotos , and knew that they had a book out as of May, 2010 but I had not actually seen it in person until I was at Barnes Noble today, seaching for a book to peruse while putting in some Comfy Chair Time I very much enjoyed this book, though, to be honest, I saw no need to actually purchase it, as it only took me about half an hour to get through it.Awkward Family Photos website devotes itself to posting reader submitte [...]

  14. Let s be clear that Awkward Family Photos is mostly a picture book duh , but it s an AWESOME picture book I had seen the website some time ago, but I think it s much enjoyable to flip through the book version and catch some details that might go undetected if viewing on a computer monitor I was given a copy of this as a birthday gift.I wouldn t recommend buying this at all, but it s worth a library check out, or borrowing from a friend if you know someone who has it Most of the pictures are eit [...]

  15. 2.5 Not a whole 3 stars for me I silently chuckled less than 5 times total Most of the pics are weird or slightly funny nowhere near funny enough to actually lol.The authors would be better off running this like another site I think it s called rateyourgirlfriend or something like that They post the photos and the sure users comment captions THEN the site users like the comments The comment s caption s with the most likes equal the funniest I ve literally choked laughing so hard at some if those [...]

  16. If you have seen the website, then you know exactly what you are getting with this book If not, it is a collection of those awkward, at times funny, at times painful photos that almost any family has hidden in an album someplace By the way, that family in a barrel photo of Niagara Falls, I actually remember being in one myself with my siblings a very long time ago I wonder if my father or my siblings still have that album The photos do vary in quality Some are indeed laugh out funny Some are jus [...]

  17. I check out AwkwardFamilyPhotos a couple times a week and the pictures are usually funny.This book is similar to the website and is divided by chapters like Mom and Dad, The Kids, Siblings, Grandma and Grandpa, Vacations, etc.Included in the chapters are short anecdotes It s a quick read.I borrowed the ebook from the Toronto Library I wouldn t recommend it in epub format There was usually a picture on the top of the page followed by a header and or short description But they weren t funny becaus [...]

  18. Picture thisFamily pictures are bad enough But even worse is that behind every one of these awkward pictures is an even worse story, some humorous, some sad and we ve all been in one of these.But putting them on the internet somehow redeems them Yes, append a to the title of this book and you ll see the full online version This book is a subset of the pictures from the website, and is short and light reading for those times when you just need a little pick me up or preparation for your next coun [...]

  19. Husband and I read this together As per usual, the captions on the photo s were hilarious You have to wonder what people were thinking with some of these photos There are stories in it, as well Some are hilarious and some had me scratching my head in confusion.I waited forever for the digital book to become available from my library It was worth the wait I wouldn t buy it though as most of the pictures can be found on their site Maybe if the book was longer It would make a nice coffee table book [...]

  20. This book reminded me of my infamous 4th grade school picture where I was mid sneeze when it was taken Or how about the time I was trying not to smile in a family photo Yes, it brought up some awkward, but very funny memories of photos of past you know, instead of those of the future Anyway This book had it all Wet pantsMatching outfitsOdd posesFunny fashion choicesAwesome hairdosand much But, you will find that you just don t laugh at many of these pictures I think they would have been funnier [...]

  21. I ve read that some things once SEEN can never be UNSEEN and the photographs in the first collection of Awkward Family Photos fall into that slice of the last forty years of the American Experience Even the most amusing of the pictures on display also offer up moments of clarity we are not witnessing posed, staged lives on display, but instead, are seeing the sloppy truth of what it meant to live in an already being forgotten America from an era where photographs were not instant and digital, or [...]

  22. Wouldn t say this was hilarious and after a while, it started to feel a bit mean I did like the one where everyone is sitting on the couch and until you study the picture, you don t realize they are all sitting on someone and only her face shows The story of the little girl who wasn t going to leave the game she was playing with her sister was hilarious, until the ending which bothered me a great deal Read this using Overdrive on an iPad which didn t keep the captions stories with the picture Th [...]

  23. While this book was entertaining it seemed toned down from what you d find on the website, and consequently it wasn t quite as funny That said, it kept my 10 year old chuckling and I didn t feel like I had to stand over her shoulder to snatch it out of her hands should anything not appropriate appear on the pages.Since this book was an review copy, it meant the pictures weren t the real ones So I can t comment on the qualityE The only use I can think of for AWKWARD FAMILY PHOTOS is as a sort of [...]

  24. I wanted to love Awkward Family Photos but I only kinda liked it, so I m really glad I borrowed it from the library and didn t buy it Don t get me wrong there were some genuinely funny pictures captions stories but I found most of the photos only mildly amusing nothing too hilarious like I first thought it would be But there is no denying these are definitely awkward pictures and will undoubtedly remind you of your own awkward family photos probably with some humor and some embarrassment and the [...]

  25. If you ve been a regular follower of the Awkward Family Photos web site for a while this version was published in 2010 , you probably won t find much here to amuse you, since these photos provide their biggest impact upon initial viewing Happily, they were all new to me, and I had many laugh or at least chuckle out loud moments.The book is divided into sections such as siblings, weddings, and pets I didn t care much for the longer stories that lacked photos, but overall this was a quick and fun [...]

  26. A popular format these days a book born out of a website Awkward Family Photos is a mildly amusing diversion for those who like their humor slightly painful or at least cringe worthy In this category, I actually find CakeWrecks way funnier, largely because Jen Yates rambling commentary is absurd and creative The one liners under these photos are short, wry, and somewhat predictable The funniest parts of the book are the true awkward family stories, like the blender on Hawaii vacation or Uncle B [...]

  27. The cover photo of the family laying facedown on top of each other in a stack says it all Lots of funny photos Reminded me of every funny photo taken of my family growing up A favorite for me was There s plenty of room on the couch awkwardfamilyphotos 2009 In my family there always seems to be a couch in every family photo, but we always seem to jam people than there is room Quite opposite from this photo I also love the geriatric Smokey the Bear costume awkwardfamilyphotos 2009

  28. Not much plot, but the visuals are fabulous 0.At first I thought my age might have something to do with how much I enjoyed these photographs, meaning many of them were typical photos of my childhood and youth, the cringeworthy family Christmas sweater shots, the totally hokey backgrounds, the hairstyles that you will regret to your dying day But my 12 y o daughter also enjoyed them tremendously So it is just a fun book to sit on the couch and howl with laughter with your loved ones and remind yo [...]

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