My Garden (Book)

Free Read My Garden (Book) - by Jamaica Kincaid Jill Fox - My Garden (Book), My Garden Book One of our finest writers on one of her greatest loves Jamaica Kincaid s first garden in Vermont was a plot in the middle of her front lawn There to the consternation of experienced friends she plan

  • Title: My Garden (Book)
  • Author: Jamaica Kincaid Jill Fox
  • ISBN: 9780374527761
  • Page: 118
  • Format: Paperback

Free Read My Garden (Book) - by Jamaica Kincaid Jill Fox, My Garden (Book), Jamaica Kincaid Jill Fox, My Garden Book One of our finest writers on one of her greatest loves Jamaica Kincaid s first garden in Vermont was a plot in the middle of her front lawn There to the consternation of experienced friends she planted only seeds of the flowers she liked best In My Garden Book she gathers all she loves about gardening and plants and examines it generously passionately and wiOne of our finest Free Read My Garden (Book) - by Jamaica Kincaid Jill Fox - My Garden (Book), My Garden Book One of our finest writers on one of her greatest loves Jamaica Kincaid s first garden in Vermont was a plot in the middle of her front lawn There to the consternation of experienced friends she plan

  • Free Read My Garden (Book) - by Jamaica Kincaid Jill Fox
    118 Jamaica Kincaid Jill Fox
My Garden (Book)

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  1. Jamaica Kincaid Jill Fox

    Jamaica Kincaid is a novelist, gardener, and former reporter for The New Yorker Magazine She is a Professor of Literature at Claremont McKenna College.


  1. I REALLY liked this book as a gardener and as a reader And since I had seen an interview with her, I also really liked her as a person She details her advent into the world of gardening including her mistakes and her passions which are many, to the extent of visiting gardens around the world, traveling many distances to buy plants and even going to China on a seed collecting tour And of course, she orders so many plants from gardening catalogs that I can t begin to imagine the size of her garden [...]

  2. A quotation from Kirkus Review on the back cover of my copy calls this book quirky This is true, on different levels Perhaps the most distinctive formal feature is the deliberately excessive use of parentheses, as if the author has set herself the task of illustrating all the different purposes they can serve clarifying an ambiguous pronoun, glossing an unusual word or phrase, explanation, qualification, specification of relationship, narrative digression, and so on , extending to the very title [...]

  3. I enjoyed this book for different reasons, which shift depending on the section of the book This first section appealed to me as a gardener Kincaid writes about her history with gardening, her gardens, and her homes This section may appeal only to gardeners The next section fascinated me because of Kincaid s focus on colonial history she made intriguing connections between gardening and colonization I think this section would appeal to and interest anyone The last section was of a travel journa [...]

  4. I absolutely adore this collection of essays about the famous writer s own gardens Jamaica Kincaid creates on paper and creates in the ground I love her disdain for some flowers, her defense of others namely the Sweet Annie, one I bought myself a couple years ago simply because my daughter is named Annie We planted it, and it grew like a weed just like Annie I wrote an essay about Sweet Annie Kincaid wants seed she gets it, whether through seed catalogues or through a seed collecting trip to Chi [...]

  5. Jamaica Kincaid, Vermont resident who teaches at Harvard, writes as though she is transcribing thoughts as they form in her braine longest sentences I ve ever seen and I ve seen some long sentences about her passion gardening, her loosely constructed gardens at her home, the people who help sustain her garden and her travels to exotic places seeking seeds of the native plants of far lands.

  6. I m still reading it, but I m really enjoying it Will use it for reference when I actually have my own garden She referrs to a lot of flowers she likes and good catalogs to order from I absolutely love her writing style and this book doesn t dissapoint It s a first edition, signed copy, so I can t loan it out sorry

  7. Delightful Not advice or hints on gardening, so don t look for them But read it, regardless You won t be able to anticipate what she might say about her garden At times memoir, other times social historical commentary, her ambivalent, unapologetically biased writing in this book is always delightful and powerful.

  8. Loved this book Such winding prose, interesting garden history, poignant observations of colonialism I wish I knew flowers better so I could picture what she was talking about This is my first Kincaid book and in excited to read .

  9. I was just going through some old books when I came across this treasure It s been many years, but I still remember her love of Joe Pye weed and her loathing of breadfruit, and the reasons why I loved this book.

  10. This book is in my heart, I read it like poetry This has remained on my night table for 9 years now and will be there for many years to come.Edited to add 16 years now and still my night table book

  11. This book was beautifully written Kincaid s impossibly long sentences were poetic, she writes in an almost free verse, transcribing her thoughts as they come to her Despite this, I found the entire book incredibly tedious Perhaps because I m not much of a gardener

  12. I love the author s voice and her feisty, blunt observations and reflections on gardeners, generally and personally I do wish I knew of the plants she mentions Definitely would like to read of her stuff in the future.

  13. So silly, lovely, and provocative, often all in the same sentence She captures the idiosyncrasies of gardening, colonialism, travel and control with really unassuming gracei loved it.

  14. My first experience of Jamaica Kincaid She is a delight Wasn t sure if I d like her in the first chapter or so it took me a little while to hear her voice clearly, but once I got it, I really liked it I am not much of a gardener and don t know most of the plants she describes, but this window into Kincaid s life and psyche doesn t depend on knowing which plants she describes as friends or enemies.Her experience of the north American Winter which she hates like a world wide death and a plant gath [...]

  15. My Garden Book by Jamaica Kincaid Farrar, Straus and Giroux 1999 635 is hard to classify It s not a gardening book or a book about gardens It s probably closer to a memoir Nothing about the writer s descriptions of herself or her life were interesting enough or compelling enough for me to engage My rating 1 10 which ties with one other book of almost two thousand I ve read for the lowest rating ever assigned a book , finished 3 26 12.

  16. I ve had this book and picked it up off myself for the third or 4th time For some reason I never got through it before even though her writing Anyway, since the seasons are changing and I m watching my little garden plot drop, drop and drop again it s nice to read about another obsessive gardener.

  17. I liked certain parts of the book, like the historical stories about colonialism and the links between cultivation in both the sense of gardening and creating culture However, I think she is creating a very difficult subjectivity that is both third world victim and first world privileged jerk that is extremely hard to take for many readers.

  18. I should have known by the title Ms Kinkaid uses parentheses in nearly every sentence How annoying I loved her book on trekking in the Himalaya looking for new plants, but this one was terrible Really want to take back that second star.

  19. Delightfully vibrant Jamaica Kincaid writes all about her experiences planting her garden I bought this book shortly after hearing her read aloud from her book Annie John at UVM, she was incredible.

  20. Not enjoying this book very much Finding the prose difficult to get through Not capturing my interest Will probably put it down and find something else to read.

  21. Her obsession with gardening surpasses mine, but I still find myself thinking about this book while I am out in my garden working.

  22. I liked some parts of the book but, as much as I tried, could not really like the author It was very distracting.

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