Going All In

· Going All In ☆ Jess Dee - Going All In, Going All In Julia Savage s weekly poker games are tearing her apart She s in love with two of her fellow card players and much as she d like to pick and confess her true feelings to one man she won t Not if it

  • Title: Going All In
  • Author: Jess Dee
  • ISBN: 9781605048529
  • Page: 104
  • Format: ebook

· Going All In ☆ Jess Dee, Going All In, Jess Dee, Going All In Julia Savage s weekly poker games are tearing her apart She s in love with two of her fellow card players and much as she d like to pick and confess her true feelings to one man she won t Not if it means risking the love of the other Hunter Miles has wanted Julia for four months and he s about to deal a hand she couldn t see coming He s determined to give her a New YJulia Savage s · Going All In ☆ Jess Dee - Going All In, Going All In Julia Savage s weekly poker games are tearing her apart She s in love with two of her fellow card players and much as she d like to pick and confess her true feelings to one man she won t Not if it

  • · Going All In ☆ Jess Dee
    104Jess Dee
Going All In

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    Jess Dee lives in beautiful Sydney, Australia, with her husband, their two sons and their insane dog a ridiculously overweight puggle named Luigi.An avid romance reader since her early teens, Jess knew one day, when she grew up, she d have to write her own love stories It might have taken a while, but in December of 2005, she finally got the call Her first book, Photo Opportunity had been contracted Now you can t hold her down She s completed a whole host of books, and is finally doing the work she loves most writing romance.


  1. Hello, my name is Sans, and I m a smutty book addict I feel I can finally begin to confront my addiction, mainly due to the fact that, wellut is getting whispers boring I know, I know, I m shocked too Not the fact that a large portion of my personal library is made up of erotica, but that I seem to have lost interest in it.See, this book should have tickled all my happy buttons There was a friends to lovers progression in the relationship and everyone knew each other for than six months already [...]

  2. Going All In is the first book in the Three of a Kind series by Jess Dee M M F is not my normal genre, but I thought I would give this a go I am so glad I did I was floored I could not believe how erotic this book was Wow I literally was squirming in my seat from 10 pages in on Julia Savage, Hunter Miles and Jay Baxter have a standing poker game every Friday These games are getting harder and harder for Julia to sit through She has fallen in love with both guys and has no idea how she would ever [...]

  3. I just loved this friends to lovers story, and seriously Jess Dee writes some of the best m nage books I ve read She is able to pack so much emotion and sexiness into such short stories that I am in awe of her talent Julia is torn between her intense feelings for both Hunter and Jay and doesn t want to choose between them or ruin their friendship After their weekly poker game one night, Hunter surprises her with his decision to take their friendship to the next level then Jay joins in too I love [...]

  4. Gah, I need to put a stop of this compulsion of reading every book that s in my Kindle The good thing is, it was free and short.Note I m not a fan of m nage stories, so that affected my enjoyment of this read If you are a fan, don t let my rating steer you away from this book especially if it s still free at.

  5. 4 starsThis was a very good story I liked Julia, Hunter and Jay and how they came together A hot read but with good emotional content as well Julia is a pharmaceutical rep in Sidney She s smart and well balanced and seems to have it all together Julia was raised a good girl and her family expects her to get married and have kids Julia has no idea what she s supposed to do when realizes that she s fallen in love with 2 men and she can t figure out which one she loves .Jay is also a pharmaceutical [...]

  6. Well, wasn t this a hot little number First, it kinda started right in on the sex And sex with not one, but two guys Two guys Julia had been in love with for a while one long term, the other not as long but just as smitten But Julia always thought she d have the traditional get married and have babies with ONE man thing What s a girl to do now And then we find out that Hunter has some hidden issues he needs to work through I had no idea this was a m m f when I started reading it I have a bad hab [...]

  7. So, this e book started out flimsy and had a bunch of holes and the end was a bit unsatisfying The middle was than I expected Takes place in Australia assumed based on language used in the writing , so maybe guys in Australia do talk like these guys, but to me, they sounded like what a girl would like to hear a guy say rather than dialogue that an actual guy would say And some of the dialogue was so cheesy and predictable, it prompted an audible groan from me.Overall, not a total waste of a few [...]

  8. Quick review Cover HOT Rating NC 17 Steaminess Scorching Thumbs Up 4Overall Oh my, I m at a loss, it was so hot.Characters Good.Plot What can I say but can I be Julia, lol.Page Turner Yes Series Cont Yes Recommend SureBook Boyfriend HunterSUMMARY 50 words or less Jess Dee knows how to get my blood boiling This was a hot set up for a sexy novella Okay, their were a few convenient set up for a story, but you get what you pay for And this book delivered there I will be reading from this author.

  9. Wow this is my first m nage read I decided to read this to kill some of my kindle freebie list This was a good short story The characters had realistic emotions when it came down to what they were doing and the future Very steamy read I gave it a four star because there was to the characters than just the sex It was a short one and I still found t to be good And since I got it as a freebie that made it better I was tempted to do a three star, but I think that is mostly because I wanted to see w [...]

  10. For a short this one was good What I really liked about it was how Julia thought about what starting a relationship with Hunter and Jay would mean in reality, was it just sex, was it going to be a one time thing, would the friendship survive, and what would everyone else think I also really liked how both Jay and Julia were calm when things had the potential to change for the three of them I really liked how things ended with them all.

  11. The M F M scenes were good but then the second half of the story threw me M M F When the two men were into each other than they were intrested in the female, the story lost me I mean what do they need her for any

  12. WOW That is one HOT book from start to finish Had my eyes popping out of my head in a few places Craziness I d never be brave enough to try

  13. This M M F menage book has a weird gay panic non consensual sex act in the middle of the book that made me see red One of the guys is given a blow job from the other man that he didn t consent to Nobody but him seems to think it s a big deal and that he just needs to come to terms with being bisexual which he d never indicated was Supremely shitty.

  14. Not even a good tryTitled story ends at 59% of the downloaded eBook I admit I did skip throughout the book, the story just didn t do it for me I found the characters lacking and the storyline flat Plus the fact the 41% of the download is just added junk to fill space.

  15. 2.5 starsThis is a New Year s holiday and poker themed, erotic short story Re reading this so closely behind Make Mine Midnight, another New Year s holiday themed, erotic short story, had me desperate for something that had to it than a female s wet dream The reason I bumped this up half a star was because the author did seem to make an effort to give this short story substance Julia is torn between her love for two men She lusts and fantasizes about them both Having been raised with the expec [...]

  16. Jess Dee writes the most amazing menage stories ever She packs so much into these stories, it s unbelievable.Julia has been one of the boys for the longest time She plays poker on Friday nights with the poker gang Hunter and Jay are two of the hottest guys in the poker club and she s got the hots for both of them How can she choose Finally, one night Hunter makes a move on Julia When Jay sees that he tells Hunter to move over and he makes his move too Julia panics and runs away Hunter and Jay bo [...]

  17. Original review posted at Not NowI m Reading 3 starsWhile perusing the Kindle freebies over on , I came across Jess Dee s short story Going All In I m not a die hard poker fan or player but the blurb caught my eye and I was interested in seeing how a story about poker buddies would play out The focus of the story was girl meets two hot guys through poker games Girl falls head over heels in lust with both of them Girl grabs the bull by the horns and acts out her fantasy of being with both and in [...]

  18. So this is my first book of this kind of book Menage 3 ways I didn t think this would be something I would like reading but I am someone that will read just about anything at least once I figure you should always try something different and what s the point of reading if you never push your own boundaries.Well I was glad I pushed my own boundaries I actually enjoyed the book I think it could have been longer Don t get me wrong the scenes were pretty great I just would have liked to read of thei [...]

  19. GOING ALL IN started off all nice and sweet and at a certain scene about halfway it tipped over and became this intense m nage story that had me completely in its thrall Trust Ms Dee to bring a story that manages to be original and different in a sea of m nage stories.I missed the POVs of the guys and some things came a bit out if the blue but I blame the short length of the story for that because it left little room for extended build up Other than that I loved this poker themed m nage story th [...]

  20. This was a freebie I downloaded back in December that kept getting pushed to the back of the TBR pile The other day I decided that it was time to dive in and give this bad boy a try Wow Hot threesome action and poker games Sweet While the sex was hot and everything, the story got a boost when it delved into the past of one of the characters and had him deal with his repressed sexuality.All in all, this was a quick, sexy read I wouldn t have minded it being a bit longer with a bit of heart behind [...]

  21. VERY nice menage from Jess Dee Very cute All the poker references were really pretty neat and for a short story, there was quite a bit of character development and history in the book I was very pleasantly surprised And of course, it was nice and steamy, believable since she had known these guys for a while, and what I really, really liked was the fact that this was the first threesome for all of them not another one of these WE SHARE WOMEN AND THAT S WHAT WE VE ALWAYS DONE storylines that quite [...]

  22. How is it that most hardcore menage that I read have male bisexual and usually they haven t discovered that they are swinging also for their same sex Is it really impossible to have a threesome where they just want to share the woman I have read some but mostly it really is a bisexual situation.I didn t ever thought that Jay and Blondie might be interested with each other The only indication was when they were at the bathroom, when Jay and Blondie touched and there was a singed Electiricity That [...]

  23. A romance about a threesome I would have probably thought twice to pick it up had it not been for Barnes Noble s free nook books for which I have found most of my reading And boy am I glad I did Who wouldn t love being pursued by two guys who refuse to give you up Granted this book is the best case scenario where everyone is pretty much okay with the situation but it is still a great read Also I just noticed it is part of a series so I will have to look into the other ones Happy reading

  24. This got better as it went along, but it was basically what you see is what you get A girl is friends with two guys, lusts after both of those guys, and they both want her The menage in the beginning was pretty light fare, but it got MUCH better once the author brought Jay and Hunter s desire for each other into play Watching Hunter come to terms with wanting Jay that was so realistic and hot It was only 80 pages, so not much depth to the story Just an ok read.

  25. So, this particular little piece of erotica should really be about 2.5 or 3 stars at most However, there was a couple scenes where the male characters showed some real vulnerability and generated some interest in the storyline for me With those glimpses into an interesting book, I m going to go ahead and give it 4 stars Wish that there had been of that in the book and less of the silly fluff.

  26. i should really read reviews before downloading books i didn t realize this was all about a three some, a very graphic three some i think there were some good attempts to deal with social acceptance of alternative life styles that didn t go anywhere the dealing with issues of male male relationships was well developed, and the three some wasn t, so i was disappointed by what the plot could ve done.

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