Stolen in the Night

Unlimited Stolen in the Night - by Patricia MacDonald - Stolen in the Night, Stolen in the Night From the author of Married to a Stranger comes this chilling novel about a year old murder a present day killer a single mother on the run and the controversial role of death penalty s in the cr

  • Title: Stolen in the Night
  • Author: Patricia MacDonald
  • ISBN: 9780743269568
  • Page: 323
  • Format: Hardcover

Unlimited Stolen in the Night - by Patricia MacDonald, Stolen in the Night, Patricia MacDonald, Stolen in the Night From the author of Married to a Stranger comes this chilling novel about a year old murder a present day killer a single mother on the run and the controversial role of death penalty s in the criminal justice system Unlimited Stolen in the Night - by Patricia MacDonald - Stolen in the Night, Stolen in the Night From the author of Married to a Stranger comes this chilling novel about a year old murder a present day killer a single mother on the run and the controversial role of death penalty s in the cr

  • Unlimited Stolen in the Night - by Patricia MacDonald
    323Patricia MacDonald
Stolen in the Night

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    Patricia MacDonald is the author of several psychological suspense novels set in small towns MacDonald grew up in Greenwich, Connecticut and has a master s degree from Boston College Before writing her own novels she was a book editor and was once an editor for a soap opera magazine in New York She is married to writer Art Bourgeau They live in Cape May, New Jersey and have one daughter.Her first novel, The Unforgiven, published in 1981, received an Edgar Award nomination from the Mystery Writers of America Secret Admirer 1995 won the literary prize at the 1997 Deauville Film Festival in France, where MacDonald is consistently a number one bestseller She s also been awarded the prize for literature at the International Forum of Cinema and Literature in Monaco.Librarians note There is than one author in the database with this name.


  1. This novel by Patricia Macdonald kept me guessing all the way through it as to who killed 13 year old Phoebe DeGraff Her nine year old sister identified the person who cut a hole in their tent and took Phoebe away, but 20 years later, after the alleged perpetrator was executed, DNA showed that he did not kill the girl In fact, only some of the DNA matched, and it was not in the CODIS system, so the book kept me guessing Since the novel took place in a small town in New Hampshire, many of the peo [...]

  2. Hist ria viciante que nos deixa agarrada ao livro e n o nos d descanso enquanto n o chegamos ltima p gina.Uma mistura muito interessante de personagens, interligando o passado com o presente e fazendo com que se descubram segredos impens veis, cujo desfecho ningu m poderia imaginar Se h autoras talhadas para escrever bons policiais, esta uma delas uma leitura 5 estrelas.

  3. A leitura bastante din mica, n o h descri es exageradas e a a o decorre a bom ritmo N o foi um dos meus preferidos da autora, mas n o deixa de ser uma leitura que entret m e nos espica a a vontade de desvendar o crime.Opini o completa quandoseabreumlivro.p

  4. This was a pretty interesting mystery The book kept me wondering the entire time who the killer really was While the identity of the real killer was a surprise, the reasoning behind it was lacking and made the book end on such a lackluster note The book would be a full 4 5 stars if it was not for the ending.3.5 5

  5. I really enjoyed this story From reading other reviews, it seems like other people figured out who dun it way before I did, but that is ok I like being surprised and I don t try TOO hard to figure things out early The only negative aspect was the fact I read this as an audiobook and 3 of the discs were scratched up, two of which were the last two CDs, which is where a good part of the action happened and where all was revealed I think I am going to start making of an effort to avoid audio CDs a [...]

  6. Stolen in the Night, by Patricia MacDonald B plus.Downloaded from audible.A family goes camping on vacation There are three children Jake, Phoebe, and Tess Jake, a teenager, sneaks away to a dance in town with others he has just met He was supposed to stay in the tent to protect his two sisters Tess awakes as someone cuts the tent with a knife and grabs Phoebe, telling Tess that if she says anything Phoebe will be killed So Tess lies awake scared to death until Jake finally sneaks back in and fi [...]

  7. I enjoyed this book a great deal and liked the protagonist, Tess This book is not a deep or profound work, but it is a fun, diversionary read for a summer day I did not figure out whodunit until it was revealed, and have to admit I doubt those critics who say they did figure it out long before since there was a critical impossibility that had to be accounted for first The part of the book I did find frustrating was the suggestion 10 year old Ernie gave to Tess on how she could be right and how l [...]

  8. The better part of the book occurs in the second half when Tess starts digging for the truth behind the death of her sister when DNA proves that the man her testimony helped convict, didn t match his DNA This man eventually ended up a victim of the death penalty I had wrongly believed I knew who the real perp was and didn t figure it out correctly until much later in the book when it began unraveling I too could find myself like Tess in assuming something to be true because of its seeming fit Th [...]

  9. I can find no fault with this book When Tess was 9 her family went on a camping trip that forever changed their lives Terror reigns down when a madman, cuts the tent and takes her older sister from them Twenty years later the case is reopened since DNA can now be tested The governor is strong anti death penalty and when the unthinkable happens Tess s world explodes again into dismay Macdonald writes a tight pychological thriller that showcases how this tradegy not only affected the family but th [...]

  10. A fantastic thriller When Tess DeGraff was 9, she went camping with her family in New Hampshire During this trip, her sister, Phoebe, was kidnapped and killed Thanks to Tess s eyewitness testimony, a man named Lazarus Abbott was convicted and put to death for the crime Fast forward 20 years DNA testing reveals that Abbott was not Phoebe s killer Driven by the fear that she may have sent an innocent man to his death, Tess and her adopted son, Erny pronounced Air Nee , return to the NH town where [...]

  11. I liked this book a bit Tess, a documentary film maker, returns to Vermont, where her sister was abducted years ago Tess was the witness that fingered the murderer who was executed But now the mother of the murderer asks for DNA evidence to be examined and the murderer is vindicated Tess is vilified, and finally figures out there were an accomplice, and she runs after every possible suspect, and falls in love with Ben, an opposing attorney It s pretty formulaic, but the Vermont setting is sweet, [...]

  12. Nine year old Tess McGraff witnessed the kidnapping of her older sister and testified in court, causing Lazarus Abbott to get the death penalty Now, even though new DNA tests exonerate him, Tess insists she didn t make a mistake, digging up old memories to get to the truth Another solid suspense offering from MacDonald Lots of red herrings thrown in to keep you guessing Highly recommend.

  13. I read this book with members of the book club I belong to This is the third book I have read by the author and I found it to be very predictable I really enjoyed one of her older novels, THE GIRL NEXT DOOR I found it hard not to compare this story line topic to other books I have read My favorite character was Erny and I liked the way the author had him interact with Tess and her family It had realistic moments of the difficulties children face in his situation.

  14. The mystery of a nine year old on a family camping trip who witnessed the abduction of her 13 year old sister Two days later, her sister s body is discovered Jump ahead 20 years and the former nine year old is now trying to prove who actually was the murderer I knew about half way through the book Someday I will write a mystery and no one will be able to figure out who the villain is until the last sentence on the last page

  15. As I read the first part of the book, I felt like I was figuring things out before the main character I was pleasantly surprised by the unexpected twist in the second half I was ready to give up on the book before then It s a good, quick read.

  16. I enjoyed reading this book It is a story about a sister who witnesses her sister s abduction Fast forward to when she is now grown and has her own child and she returns back to the town where the kidnapping murder took place Did the right person get convicted and executed or was her eye witness account wrong How many times can she cry wolf before others quit believing her A fast paced who done it mystery.

  17. Twenty years ago, Tess DeGraff s older sister, Phoebe, was kidnapped from her tent, raped and brutally murdered The only witness, Tess, recognized the man who snatched her sister, and Lazarus Abbott was sentenced to death.Now, the DNA tests of the samples found on Phoebe s body reveal it wasn t Lazarus who murdered her and Tess is faced with the shocking realization she d sent an innocent man to dieYes, judging from the back cover blurbPatricia MacDonald should be a wonderful author, but trust m [...]

  18. A good mystery Two sisters are camping with their parents, when a stranger enters the tent, kidnaps one of the sisters who is later found, raped and murdered Fast forward two decades and the surviving sister returns to New Hampshire to hear the results of a DNA test on the man who was put to death for the crime The DNA evidence comes back as not a match This isn t a spoiler, it s the set up for the story So who committed the murder A sister is on the case, along with help from her adopted son, h [...]

  19. Vinte anos mais tarde, o ADN veio confirmar que Lazarus Abbott, o homem executado morte por rapto, viola o e assass nio da irm de Tess, afinal n o era o verdadeiro assassino Quase todos se p em contra a Tess por ter tirado a vida a um inocente com o seu testemunho, embora ela continue a afirmar se que tinha sido este homem, que n o podia ter sido engano Ou ser que estava mesmo enganada O que se passou exactamente O filho adoptivo de Tess, com apenas 10 anos , que vai ter uma ideia do que poder t [...]

  20. Foi a minha estreia com a autora e apesar de ter sido dif cil o arranque na leitura que j andava para ser feita desde o ver o passado, em muito devido ao facto de ser um livro de bolso esta revelou se bastante prazerosa Um policial cativante e surpreendente ainda que n o totalmente que nos faz pensar e ansiar pelas respostas que criamos na nossa imag tica e que, no final, s o sempre revolucionadas por novas pistas e informa es A evolu o da obra em paralelo com a evolu o dos tempos e dos conhecim [...]

  21. Tess DeGraff was nine years old when her older sister was abducted and murdered She saw the person who was responsible, she thought, but twenty years later, it appears she may have been mistaken, and the killer is still at large.This is the first book by Patricia Macdonald I have read, and I will definitely be coming back for The story was interesting, fast paced, suspenseful, and the plot kept me guessing as to the real killer s identity Crime fiction with a romantic and suspenseful twist.

  22. two sisters in a tent at night at camp ground, parents in next tent brother was supposed to be there with them but he snuck out a man came and kidnapped one sister who was later found murderedteh 8 yr old sister id the man and he was put to deathdna years later proved he didnt rape her, it was someone elseturned out the man who killed her also killed his wife and tried to kill the little sister who at this point was grown with a adopted son he was caught and the truth came outreally a good book

  23. My rating is actually 2 1 2 starsNine year old Tess sister is snatched from their tent while camping with their family and is later found murdered With Tess definite description of the kidnapper, the police chief narrows in on a suspect He is arrested, tried and eventually executed Years later DNA proves he was not the killer and Tess is torn between what she thought she remembered and the proof that she must have been mistaken Tess returns to the town where the family had camped and tries to so [...]

  24. Although this book sounded very interesting and suspenseful to me and the fact that I liked the characters, I still have to admit to myself and others that I found it to be just an above average mystery I m willing to try another of this author s books and if I feel the same way about that book as I do about this one, then that is all she wrote as far as I m concerned This truly is not a bad story but it definitely needed some suspenseful moments

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