Free Download Truesight - by David Stahler Jr. - Truesight, Truesight Everyone in Jacob s colony is born blind It has always been this way They embrace the philosophy of Truesight Blindness brings unity purity and freedom It is an exceptional community Everyone is hap

  • Title: Truesight
  • Author: David Stahler Jr.
  • ISBN: 9780060522872
  • Page: 330
  • Format: Paperback

Free Download Truesight - by David Stahler Jr., Truesight, David Stahler Jr., Truesight Everyone in Jacob s colony is born blind It has always been this way They embrace the philosophy of Truesight Blindness brings unity purity and freedom It is an exceptional community Everyone is happy As Jacob nears his thirteenth birthday he anxiously anticipates his new role as an adult and all the changes that will bring But as the day approaches a far greaterEveryone in Jacob s c Free Download Truesight - by David Stahler Jr. - Truesight, Truesight Everyone in Jacob s colony is born blind It has always been this way They embrace the philosophy of Truesight Blindness brings unity purity and freedom It is an exceptional community Everyone is hap

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  • Free Download Truesight - by David Stahler Jr.
    330 David Stahler Jr.

About "David Stahler Jr."

  1. David Stahler Jr.

    David Stahler Jr is a fourth generation Vermonter who, in addition to writing, teaches at his alma mater, Lyndon Institute, in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont An author of YA Fiction across a variety of genres with an emphasis on the strange and supernatural, his books include the TRUESIGHT trilogy a science fiction series with a dystopian bent , DOPPELGANGER, A GATHERING OF SHADES, and SPINNING OUT.His work has received several awards and accolades including a Best Book Award from the American Library Association, Le Prix Farniente, and numerous state reading list selections and has been translated into French, Italian, and Chinese.


  1. A colony planet where everyone is blind due to medical procedure, genetic whatever manipulation The society is cultish This is about a kid growing up in that community who rather suddenly gains the ability to see He angsts about this and eventually it gets him into trouble.It s an interesting book and an okay read It suffers a little for being part of a trilogy.One quibble I had with it is that once genetic modification became really popular and people were making super awesome, designer kids, t [...]

  2. I read this Science fiction book off a recommendation off my middle schooler, who read it for Reading Olympics It is well written There were some slow parts and I wasn t complete sold on the idea of people wanting to stay blind Perhaps, since many of them were born blind, they had no comparison and it works It leaves off in a cliffhanger I will be picking up the next book I had a good discussion with my child.

  3. SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER This book reminded me a lot of The Giver by Lois Lowry, so if you liked that than you will most likely enjoy this This was a pretty short book but I enjoyed it It was very strange though Joshua the main character begins to gain sight, which he has never had before, and shoudn t have The time is in the future and Joshua lives in a community that embraces truesight , a new way of seeing things, without ever seeing them To embrace emotions and people, [...]

  4. If you enjoy dystopia novels or movies, this is worth a read It is similar to the Giver, however the next 2 in the series go a totally different way that the 2 others in the Giver trilogy It s an interesting concept, this community based on blindness in order to truly see even interesting to consider what things aren t seen as the main character soon finds out Lots of great discussions in my classroom an easy read.

  5. i can not point out anything bad about this book, and yet it lacked that spark that would have really made it good.

  6. Title TruesightAuthor David Stahler Jr.Illustrator Genre Science FictionTheme s Everyone is hiding something, We are all blind to certain parts of societyOpening line sentence Ow You re hurting me Brief Book Summary Jacob is a 13 year old boy who lives in a Utopian society which bases its colonial laws off of a philosophy called truesight They bioengineer each person at birth to be born blind so that they don t fall into the traps of deceit and judgement that vision brings Jacob mysteriously gai [...]

  7. This book was really similar to The Giver, but not nearly as good The thing that really ruined this book for me was that as soon as he could see he was describing things in color Things like I m really attracted to the yellow flowers with black centers Like how would he know what color was what when he s been blind his entire life and no one else around him that can also see to teach him things It was just poorly written Disappointed It stared out really good and I was excited to read it On the [...]

  8. This book presents an amazingly creative look at the secrets people keep It has a dystopian feel, but also a psychological tone Do I give in to groupthink or do I dare step outside the group The book also reveals the deceptions that are always there but that we choose to ignore.

  9. Jacob lives in Harmony, a community of blind people They emigrated from earth to another planet years ago to found their society, which is based on a philosophy that blind people see deeply than sighted people i.e seeing and Seers those who see are not actually perceiving the world as it is When Jacob begins to see, he s not sure what is happening to him at first Gradually he learns to identify the strange shapes and information coming into his brain he learns to focus, and then he begins to se [...]

  10. Truesight, a novel written by David Stahler, Jr takes place in the futuristic colony, Harmony Station, which is located on a foreign planet Everyone in harmony is willingly or genetically blind They follow the philosophy of Truesight in which people cannot see, so they do not get caught up in external beauty of the world but internal beauty of people The protagonist, Jacob, is a 12 going on 13 year old boy living in Harmony While at school, he has a terrible headache that is described as being l [...]

  11. I thought this book would be too much like The Giver Lois Lowry to be original or thought provoking, but it turned out to be quite different.Jacob is cursed with sight near his 13th birthday in a community called Harmony which is genetically engineered to be blind with the idea that sight distracts us from truth and knowing ourselves At first he s delighted to behold the beauties of nature, but it s not long before he learns that seeing the ugly side of nature comes with seeing beauty He witness [...]

  12. Whenever I rate a book, I look at the whole idea of the book What was the author trying to communicate to elucidate to explore Was the writing clear, understandable Did it have a beginning, middle, and end And were those timings clear And this is where I don t understand the low ratings that were given to this book I understand if you didn t like it But be clear about that Because as a whole, this book was very good The target audience, which would have a lower understanding of true dystopian fu [...]

  13. David Stahler Jr s Truesight is like George Orwell s 1984 and Animal Farm meets Lois Lowry s The Giver Only with blind people The premise is that about a hundred years in our future, parents are choosing their unborn children s genetics, and a blind couple decides they want their child to be blind like they are, so they tinker with the DNA It becomes a big media thing, a whole community of blind people grows around them, and eventually they get persecuted by the seers i.e people who can see and [...]

  14. This book is about a boy named Jacob, living in Harmony, a colony where everybody is born blind They believe being blind shows purity and unity But as Jacob turns thirteen, he starts having sharp pains and starts being able to see He can now see all the impurities in the colony he has never seen before I really enjoyed the book a lot, and I couldn t put it down The plot is quite interesting, and the characters are different and interesting However, I found the ending, so anti climatic It started [...]

  15. The bok Truesight by David Stahler Jr is about a young boy named Jacob who lives in a community where everyone is genetically blind Everything is normal when he starts getting eye pains eventually leading to him getting back his sight At first he thinks it s the most amazing thing in the world because he can now see until he starts seeing things he wished he never saw He starts seeing how corrupted the world is His bestfriend s death starts to haunt him to search for the truth of her death He tr [...]

  16. As I mentioned in the book review above, I m trying to find quality dystopian books for my kiddos This was another attempt and sadly, another fail As in the last book, the premise is pretty cool, but the outcome isn t so great What is wrong with me this week I m usually very happy with all the books I read Maybe I m getting pickier in my old age Jacob lives on a planet far from Earth in a community called Harmony Due to genetic engineering, everyone in Harmony is blind It is believed that vision [...]

  17. Truesight is a very unique story about a village where everyone is blind and they happily live their lives this way Just before the main character turns thirteen, he suddenly begins to gain vision and struggles to figure out why and how this is happening to him He struggles to keep it a secret so he doesn t upset those around him, but he ends up telling them He has to tell the village counsel who is baffled by his situation Meanwhile he is experiencing his world in a whole new way for the first [...]

  18. Truesight was probably one of my favorite books that I read last year, it is a suspensful story built around a city called Harmony, a community of blind people The biggest struggle was when he gains his vision, and has to hide it from his family, friends, and community once he is discovered, his people want to take his vision from him, and he is forced to run Jacob is your typical teen, who just wants top have fun, and when he is forced to run away his life changes greatly one big problem with h [...]

  19. Truesight has such an awesome premise It takes the saying about the one eyed man in the land of the blind and expands on it in interesting ways The main character is likeable and starts off innocent and unaware in a world where the population chooses to be blind to avoid the damage caused by judging based on sight And than a story about a kid gaining sight, to me it was the story of the journey from childhood into adulthood How do you decide whether to accept the beliefs limitations of your fam [...]

  20. On a whim, I decided to read this book when I saw it in the library The idea of this book is thought provoking and original.However, I had three problems with this book The first one being that the characters all seemed flat static Not even Jacob, the main character, had much personality in the beginning, but towards the end he seemed to develop one Egan s personality and uniqueness was non existent.The second major problem I had with this book is its writing style The writing was too straight f [...]

  21. Truesight is a book written by David Stahler Jr about a boy named Jacob Jacob, like everyone else in their community, has been blind since birth Eventually He regains his sight without anyone knowing He tell his best friend and eventually his secret gets out He and everyone else thinks everything will be okay but will it actually turn out alright There are many reasons why I would give this book a three out of five stars Thought this book was very good and easily understandable to read This is w [...]

  22. This book was pretty good It had an interesting plot, yet it ends so abruptly Other than that, I think it was written well, with good description and explanation of how all of the gadgets, that helped the blind people see, worked I don t think that Jacob was a great character though Most of the other characters were described well, like how Delany was so adventurous but loving, and how the mother could be caring yet harsh at the same time Truesight reminds me of The Giver by Lois Lowry The are b [...]

  23. Pretty good The premise of the book is about a community who believes that blindness is the way to truth This belief is called Truesight, and this belief is what caused its adherents to leave Earth to form their own community I assume the story is set in the future, though I don t remember that being explicitly stated The main character, Jacob, was born blind like every else however, as he starts to gain vision, he becomes aware of the problems that blindness originally intended to solve While I [...]

  24. As a result of genetic engineering, the entire colony is born blind Everyone is essentially in a cult of blind people They even have the creepy chants Blindness is purity Blindness is unity Blindness is freedom One day, Jacob s sight accidently comes to him, making him a Seer Once he can see, he can no longer fit in with everyone He gets caught, and the High Councilor tries to make him have surgery to re destroy his eyesight However, right before the surgery, the High Councilor winks at Jacob, w [...]

  25. I gave a 4 out of 5 star rating to this book because it was a very intriguing book that makes you want to keep reading I would recommend this book to just about anybody in the 6th, 7th or 8th grade I would also recommend this book to people that like fantasy books or Utopias Truesight is about a boy named Jacob that lives in a community where everybody is blind and can see nothing because what you can see affects you than what you can see As the story goes on Jacob starts to see first it starts [...]

  26. This blind book full of tragic turns is a wonderful book about Jacob, a boy born blind like everyone else in Harmony Until something very strange happens to him He soon finds out that he can see At first it was a small blurry light and then into slightly clearer shadow figures until finally being able to see he world in a new light However, after a tragic event, a robbery, and an almost death, he discovers the hidden secrets about Harmony and his neighbors.After finding out the truth about his f [...]

  27. Truesight is a great book about a kid named Jacob going through a change The change really stood out to me because everyone goes through changes and everyone s change is different.The setting is in a colony named Harmony, in a different world.In my opinion Truesight is a very interesting book because it did not take place on Earth, it took place in a different world NEAR Earth.The characters in this book were, Jacob, The high councilor Martin Corrow , The high councilor s daughter Delany Corrow [...]

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