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[PDF] Blum Ralph: Book Of Runes | by ↠ Ralph H. Blum - Blum Ralph: Book Of Runes, Blum Ralph Book Of Runes You are holding something very special a part of the ancient past and perhaps a part of your future Based on a tradition over one thousand years old this contemporary Oracle has established itself

  • Title: Blum Ralph: Book Of Runes
  • Author: Ralph H. Blum
  • ISBN: 9780718132187
  • Page: 453
  • Format: Ebook

[PDF] Blum Ralph: Book Of Runes | by ↠ Ralph H. Blum, Blum Ralph: Book Of Runes, Ralph H. Blum, Blum Ralph Book Of Runes You are holding something very special a part of the ancient past and perhaps a part of your future Based on a tradition over one thousand years old this contemporary Oracle has established itself as a remarkable aid in practical decision making When first published in R Buckminster Fuller said What a wonderful thing to have done midwife the rebirth of an ancYou [PDF] Blum Ralph: Book Of Runes | by ↠ Ralph H. Blum - Blum Ralph: Book Of Runes, Blum Ralph Book Of Runes You are holding something very special a part of the ancient past and perhaps a part of your future Based on a tradition over one thousand years old this contemporary Oracle has established itself

  • [PDF] Blum Ralph: Book Of Runes | by ↠ Ralph H. Blum
    453Ralph H. Blum
Blum Ralph: Book Of Runes

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    Ralph Blum 5 1932 is a writer and cultural anthropologist who has been working with the Runes as a tool for self counselling since 1977.One of three children born to silent film star, Carmel Myers, during her second marriage to husband Ralph Henriques Blum, Sr 1893 1950 Her first marriage was to Isidore Kornblum, which ended in divorce in 1923 Ralph Blum Jr , was also the nephew of Hollywood writer and director, Zion Myers, Carmel s older brother.Blum studied at Harvard University 1950 1957 During this time, he also spent a period of time in Italy as a Fulbright Scholar, returned to Harvard, where he did graduate work in anthropology with grants from the National Science Foundation and the Ford Foundation, and finally earning a BA in Russian Studies and Anthropology, graduating Phi Beta Kappa He later studied Soviet Cinema at Leningrad University from 1961 1963 His reporting from the Soviet Union, the first of its kind for The New Yorker 1961 1965 , included two three part series on Russian cultural life.In 1982, the modern usage of the runes for answering life s questions was apparently originated by Ralph Blum in his divination book The Book of Runes A Handbook for the Use of an Ancient Oracle, which was marketed with a small bag of round tiles with runes stamped on them This book has remained in print since its first publication The sources for Blum s divinatory interpretations, as he explained in The Book of Runes itself, drew heavily on then current books describing the ancient I Ching divination system of China.Each of Blum s seven books on runic divination deals with a specialized area of life or a varied technique for reading runes The Book of Runes A Handbook for the Use of an Ancient Oracle The Viking Runes 1982 revised 10th Anniversary Edition 1992 revised 25th Anniversary Edition 2007.The Rune Cards Sacred Play for Self Discovery 1989 reissued as The Rune Cards Ancient Wisdom For the New Millennium 1997 Rather than rune stones, this book uses images of the runes printed on card stock, much like a set of trading cards or tarot cards.The Healing Runes with co author Susan Loughan 1995 teaches methods for using runic divination in the context of health and personal integration.Rune Play A Method of Self Counseling and a Year Round Rune Casting Recordbook 1996 The Serenity Runes Five Keys to the Serenity Prayer with co author Susan Loughan 1998 reissued as The Serenity Runes Five Keys to Spiritual Recovery 2005 utilizes runic divination as a method for assisting self help and recovery from addictions the title is a reference to the well known serenity prayer widely used in the 12 step program of Alcoholics Anonymous.Ralph H Blum s Little Book of Runic Wisdom 2002.The Relationship Runes A Compass for the Heart with co author Bronwyn Jones 2003 shows how to use runic divination in matters of love and friendship.Blum has also written books on the Tao Te Ching, Zen Buddhism, and UFOs His work has also been published in Readers Digest, Cosmopolitan, Vogue, Saturday Evening Post, and Western Horseman Blum also published three novels The Simultaneous Man 1970 , Old Glory and the Real Time Freaks 1972 , and The Foreigner Both The Simultaneous Man and Old Glory reflect his involvement in early drug research.Recently, Blum won the Nautilus Book Award Medal for Investigative Reporting for his latest book, written in collaboration with oncologist Mark Scholz, MD, Invasion of the Prostate Snatchers He has been living with prostate cancer, without radical intervention, for twenty years.Ralph Blum currently resides in Los Angeles, CA and on Ikaria Island, Greece with his wife Jeanne Elizabeth Blum, an author in her own right, best known for her book Woman


  1. I thought this was about how to decipher and read Nordic runes It s not The book originally came with a bag of tiles with the 25 rune letters printed on each tile An explanation is given on how to read each rune and offers various ways to withdraw and lay out the tiles in various number and form Somewhat like tarot cards.The Book of Runes does not teach you the real meaning behind the long mysterious letters Blum actually invented their meaning at random for a school paper Go Crimson and turned [...]

  2. LOVED this book It isn t a historical look at Runes but rather a medium for your egoic self to converse with your higher Self as Blum puts it to understand not predict a circumstance If that sentence read as gibberish, then this book is not for you But if you are looking for a very easy to digest way to explore spirituality, I found this a breath of fresh air I had no idea about Norse mythology, runes, or using runes as a way of esoteric art but loved the very non occult approach Blum took with [...]

  3. I keep my book of runes by my bedside Each night, I pull one rune from the bag and read about it in the book I would recommend it to anyone open to trying something new and potentially introspective You ll be amazed at the connection between the rune you pulled and how it relates to your life at that moment most importantly to those things plaguing your thoughts at the time you pulled it from the bag Without fail, the runes provide you with insight into your actions and thoughts, piece of mind b [...]

  4. This book gets regularly blasted in online pagan heathen communities for being incredibly inaccurate and misleading Blum admits that he had no idea how to use the runes originally instead of consulting the various Eddas and other historical sources, he used the I Ching to come up with basically his own system of rune reading Which I suppose is fine learning to read divination systems your own way can lead to new understanding and insight But from what I understand from my heathen friends, none o [...]

  5. A King he was on a carven throne,In many pillared halls of stoneWith golden roof and silver floor,And runes of power upon the door.When Herodotus traveled around the Black Sea, he encountered descendants of Scythian tribesmen who crawled under blankets, smoked themselves into a stupor, and then cast stones in the air and read them when they fell.Runes, from the Gothic runa, meaning a secret thing, a mystery The Rune Masters of the Teutons and Vikings wore startling garb that made them easily rec [...]

  6. Read enough about the runes and you ll be told this guy has basically invented all of this symbolism My own studies make believe this is likely true But if you believe in any form of divination, then you ll likely agree an internally consistent system can work without being connected to some historically accurate formula That being said, I still found his interpretations fairly useless But that rune set and drawstring bag is pretty swanky.

  7. My first encounter with the Viking Runes was in 1985, about two years after this book was first published I remember feeling the power in the glyphs, the way those little ceramic tiles felt as you sifted through the bag and yes, a Crown Royal bag is my favorite I was hooked.And, because of the bad etching on my rose quartz set which made it hard to use as Viking Runes, I had been promising myself a new set I think that Micah has my original set.So, armed with a brand new set of Viking Runes, I a [...]

  8. I loved this book I read it back in the early 80s in fact, I did a reading that really perplexed me when things weren t going so well with my then husband So I wrote Ralph a letter He actually called me, and we had a chat about it Ralph really added a lot of magic to the world with his book.

  9. Blum doesn t know what he s talking about He doesn t even have the Aetts in the right order He just makes things up as he goes along.

  10. I came upon this book while walking home from the store one day I saw that our local library was still open late in the day, so I went in on a whim Almost immediately, I saw this book on a cart of books for sale for 1 each I d been curious about runes since I watched a rune reading about a month ago, so that definitely piqued my interest It was an easy, short read Some background is given on the runes and how hundreds of years ago, people used them almost like how people still commonly use tarot [...]

  11. Other reviewers have already raised my points, and raised them well, so I won t go into much detail Suffice it to say that if you want a deeper look at the esoteric meanings behind the runes, both for general knowledge and for the reasons of divination that is to say, analysis of one s situation via the tools of symbology as a means to think about something in a different way , this might not be the book for you I was let down when I learned the interpretation contained within was something craf [...]

  12. Alright so first things first, I question the people who have posted negative comments as to if they ve even read the book.Secondly, I challenge them to continue their growth, and to then reread the book at a later date Last night was the first time I picked up the book in 12 years cause this was my first rune book And I will gladly gleefully admit that most of what was being talked about went VERY FAR over my youthful head, but last night something clicked so hard I reread the entire book in a [...]

  13. The blank rune is a joke It was a Jewish invention of Ralph Blum Don t bother with it You generally get the blank rune if you buy Runes from Wicca New Age shops Please read the belowodinist othala archivennyway runes blank_rMay 22, 2012For on how bad this book is, read the 1 star reviews Reviews of anything than 1 star must be by people that are Wiccans New Agers or people that have absolutely no knowledge of Runes, and reading this book and liking it means they still don t.

  14. I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT RUNES Bits of this were mindblowing, other bits I struggled with a bit cos they were explained using Christian stuff and I ve had bad experiences there, but just cos the way of saying it wasn t my bag didn t stop me from getting it, just had to do some reinterpreting really I can t wait to get started with my runes.

  15. Daily Word from the Runes I no longer try to change outer things They are simply a reflection I change my inner perception and the outer reveals the beauty so long obscured by my own attitude I concentrate on my inner vision and find my outer view transformed I find myself attuned to the grandeur of life and in unison with the perfect order of the universe.

  16. Fascinating I had decided I wanted to learn a new alphabet in addition to Hebrew and Greek and was thinking Russian when runes kept coming up in various ways Thus, The Book of Runes I guess it s just the year of my Viking heritage Now back to memorizing runes and learning how to use them for self knowledge, which Blum does an excellent job of explaining.

  17. This was my first introduction to the runes, read when I was fifteen I love the author s gentle, informative tone, and the way he personalizes how to use runes on your spiritual journey Also love the font of the 1993 edition

  18. The Book of Runes never lie Self discovery at its highest form You may not get the answer you were looking for, but you get the one that is necessary Willingness and openness are highly recommended when purchasing this book.

  19. so much wisdom reading it over and over these lessons last a lifetime i do notice he paraphrases quotes from kahlil gibran without citing and i m guessing others but still, whatever, take in the wisdom 3

  20. I think this is a good start into my introduction to Runes and their workings With this foundation I would certainly delve into the Old workings But I do find this a good start.

  21. This is simply a modern translation of how to interpret runes It is not historical, but for those that need help with self introspection, this method might help.

  22. Blum seems to be a well intentioned, spiritually minded monotheist with a propensity for adopting other cultures divinatory systems The problem, for me, is that rather than write a book that seeks to collect historical information for neophytes, or a book called My Life with the Runes which details his personal interpretation of the runes and methods for using them, he has combined a bit of each and released it as the authoritatively titled Book of Runes I found his general commentary on divinat [...]

  23. I m not sure how to rate this book On one hand, The book is very clear that the meaning of the runes are just Blum s invention and that they are meant to understood through subconscious reflection when using them But it seems wrong to take historic culturally charged runes and not try and find the historical ties and meanings they belong to It just seems disrespectiful On the other hand, Blum is honest about what he s doing and that the form of divination he s invented is one that s based on int [...]

  24. Please read the disclaimer on page 24 of this book before purchasing This book is important because it was the first book on runes as an oracle We have learned a lot since this book was published, and this book desperately needs to be updated This book has good merits, and huge gaping flaws, it was written in a time before the ease of even knowing what material was available on the internet I personally feel that the runes are best learned in a F U Th A R K tr order I also believe that the rune [...]

  25. Brief and concise, also quite idiosyncratic The book is not so much about the traditional meaning of runes, but about the author s personal interpretations Those he had developed over years of practice by means that include meditation and I Ching The order he lists the runes seems to be completely random Equally odd are frequent quotes from Christian authors, from Meister Eckhart to Mother Theresa, none of whom have anything to do with the runes It s a quick read, okay for those who are absolute [...]

  26. I loved how everything in this book is written truly from the persons heart It s not an average dryly written fact book You can feel how much the writer loves Runes He gives a brief, easy to understand and very warm introduction to people who want to learn about runes and how to talk to them.

  27. it is a great book explaining Viking runes gives you the history, different example spreads, and explains all of the runes and their meanings With pictures of each one It s a good beginer book on runes though I think after reading books like this a lot of what comes after is from you

  28. it really gave me knowledge and background of runes, Elder Futhark, and other things i will add to this what did you think

  29. This book is not about the historical or academic view of Germanic Nordic runes Rather, this book is a contemporary oracle medium that utilizes the runes That may offend or upset some rune casters who get their undies twisted in a knot If you can put your biases aside and see this book along with the clay rune tiles it comes with, as a divination oracle then you may have a better time Being of Nordic and Germanic descent myself, I know the history of the runes and the importance they played cult [...]

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