The Devil's Teardrop

Free Read The Devil's Teardrop - by Jeffery Deaver - The Devil's Teardrop, The Devil s Teardrop After an early morning machinegun attack by a madman called the Digger leaves dozens dead in the Washington D C subway the mayor s office receives a message demanding twenty million dollars by midni

  • Title: The Devil's Teardrop
  • Author: Jeffery Deaver
  • ISBN: 9781439195116
  • Page: 148
  • Format: Paperback

Free Read The Devil's Teardrop - by Jeffery Deaver, The Devil's Teardrop, Jeffery Deaver, The Devil s Teardrop After an early morning machinegun attack by a madman called the Digger leaves dozens dead in the Washington D C subway the mayor s office receives a message demanding twenty million dollars by midnight or innocents will die It is New Year s Eve and with the ransom note as the only evidence Special Agent Margaret Lukas calls upon retired FBI agent and the nationAfter an ear Free Read The Devil's Teardrop - by Jeffery Deaver - The Devil's Teardrop, The Devil s Teardrop After an early morning machinegun attack by a madman called the Digger leaves dozens dead in the Washington D C subway the mayor s office receives a message demanding twenty million dollars by midni

  • Free Read The Devil's Teardrop - by Jeffery Deaver
    148Jeffery Deaver
The Devil's Teardrop

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  1. Jeffery Deaver

    1 international bestselling author of over thirty novels and three collections of short stories His books are sold in 150 countries and translated into 25 languages His first novel featuring Lincoln Rhyme, The Bone Collector, was made into a major motion picture starring Denzel Washington and Angelina Jolie He s received or been shortlisted for a number of awards around the world.


  1. Total brain candy and I m okay with that, it s summer In case I haven t mentioned this before, brain candy is escapist reading, stuff you wouldn t want to read all the time because just like real candy, it s not good for you You might think that would mean light, sweet, fluffy reading but to me that s only part of it I love thrillers but I have to confess I am not sure they are all that good for your brain because I m not sure I do a lot of time thinking about big questions when i read them, I a [...]

  2. I happened to find this book at a used bookstore and I thought it sounded interesting so I decided to give it a shot I ve read a couple of the Lincoln Rhyme books, one of them The Bone Collector, which was good but creepy The Devil s Teardrop wasn t half as disturbing as The Bone Collector, and of course it was a stand alone book, however Lincoln Rhyme does have a cameo in this book which I thought was cool.This book takes place on New Years Eve Night in Washington DC, a mysterious killer known [...]

  3. This was the first book I ve read by Mr Deaver All I can say is WOW.This book had everything I like in a good no, GREAT book There were endless plot twists and turns from the opening chapter to the last few pages The characters were realistic I identified with all of them The writing was crisp, powerful and moving I d write praise for The Devil s Teardrop but I m sleepy.I am looking fwd to reading many of his writing.

  4. Veramente bello ed affascinante Oltretutto, autoconclusivo anche se l autore ha detto che gli piacerebbe scrivere ancora di Kinkaid D

  5. I got this book thinking it was a Lincoln Rhyme story that I hadn t read yet It was and it wasn t Lincoln was in it, but only for two or three pages as a consultant by telephone This book was actually a Parker Kincaid and Margaret Lukas novel and it was a very good story I really couldn t put it down It only took me a few days to read Parker authenticates documents, so he can work at home and care for his two young children He used to work for the FBI, but those days are long over That is, until [...]

  6. Un misterioso killer, chiamato il Becchino, un massacro in metropolitana e una lettera recapitata al governatore di Washington, nella quale si spiega che , se non saranno pagati venti milioni di dollari, il succitato becchino compir una strage ogni quattro ore Come se non bastasse, il mandante delle stragi viene investito in un incidente e muore il becchino ora continuer ad uccidere perch nessuno potr fermarlo Inizia cos una vera caccia all uomo, con l aiuto di un esperto calligrafo, Peter Kinka [...]

  7. Ahhh It s good with a convoluting plot The antagonist the sociopath deserves to be locked up forever, sometimes I wish he would suffer I like Kincaid and Lukas And the ending is sweet.

  8. My first non Rhyme Deaver novel glad I looked it up Protagonist is pulled several ways, emotionally, during the story, including a romance to bud, or not to bud Then he s thrown into a blender for the last 30 pages or so, and I m left with wanting this to be another series SOL, pal

  9. Silvestermorgen in Washington, D.C ein Unbekannter schie t in einem U Bahnhof um sich und t tet 23 Menschen So schnell wie er t tet, so schnell kann der Digger, wie er genannt wird, unerkannt fliehen Kurze Zeit sp ter geht ein Erpresserbrief im Rathaus ein Der Drahtzieher verlangt 20 Millionen Dollar, ansonsten wird das Morden weitergehen FBI Agent Margaret Lukas ist ratlos und greift nach dem Strohhalm, der ihr vom T ter geboten wird der handschriftliche Brief Mit Hilfe von Handschriftsexperte [...]

  10. Jeffery Deaver is my ultimate favorite mass market author His suspenseful mystery novels are the best in his genre because you ll never be able to put the pieces together Deaver is the king of red herrings and he never fails The Devil s Teardrop takes place on New Year s Eve 1999 and follows forensic document expert Parker Kincaid and FBI Agent Margaret Lukas as they try to capture a deadly killer known as the Digger After an early morning attack on innocent bystanders at the metro station in Wa [...]

  11. Great read Not life changing, but definitely an engaging thriller, just perfect for a vacation, where I finished it in 3 days This is the first I ve read of Jeffery Deaver, but I like his style The dialogue seems real, not contrived And that s how most of the information for the plot is delivered, through the dialogue and not from the point of view of the narrator, who largely stays out of it.Another big plus is that all of the main characters have substantial back stories that link them togethe [...]

  12. I should know better Deaver has a method that he follows in all of his books He tries to put is so many twists and turns but he is fairly systematical with regard to them The bad guy is always extremely smart and always makes the assumptions that the investigators make so I should always know that if the police get a jump on the bad guy they didn t And then after three or four of these wrong turns, the main character will inevitably have an a ha moment and figure it all out only to find the bad [...]

  13. This is an enjoyable fast paced read Anyone who s a fan of Deaver should read this book I was on the edge of my seat the whole time I read this one I really liked the ending

  14. Why Read Someone who knows my love of Thomas Jefferson and all things historical mystery well gifted this to me So now I have a well worn paperback that I absolutely adore by my side, and the second I found out it was an FBI story that had to do with American history I was hooked.Review There s a set of rules someplace that says mystery thrillers, the kinds of books you d pick up at the airport can t be compared with literary fiction That we can t award them the Pulitzer and Nobel prizes of our [...]

  15. The first non Lincoln Rhyme book from this author that i decided to read The writing style was similar twists and turns, forensic science this time with documents and two protagonists one male and female just like the Rhyme series It was a pleasant surprise to see Lincoln Rhyme make a guest appearance in this book Several details on document examination and forensics related to the same were very interesting and are revealed in a way that take the plot forward Towards the end, just as i started [...]

  16. Jeffery Deaver is an author who has never really clicked for me The Devil s Teardrop may be an example of why Deaver does a good job of making a semi obscure forensic science document analysis interesting And there are definitely some exciting moments But suspension of disbelief is so frayed torn and trampled upon that by the time you reach the end of the book you can only boggle at the fact that you finished Most of the real nonsense doesn t happen till near the end so you will probably be like [...]

  17. Tak tohle bylo pro m p ekvapen O tom, e to bude slu n detektivka jsem nepochyboval, ale e a tak propracovan No prost cht l jsem n co kde nen t eba st celou s rii a tak jsem s hl po tomhle A i kdy se tam odkaz na Rhyma objevuje, tak to prost je samostatn kniha A velmi dobr , a bych ekl, e si zaslou pokra ov n Nap t se stup uje a je lov k zklam n, e u je konec Jen e on konec je t nen , tak te u jo uf Jen e chyba l vky to nen konec Tak e vlastn smutn konec Tak e vlastn ne No prost p e t te si to sa [...]

  18. I got this book from my former volunteer, Barbara s library It is a pleasure to read a well written book You don t learn a lot about the characters but you learn enough to feel for them The author knows how to achieve tension and pacing He has a lot of plot twists and turns Highly recommend this book.

  19. One of the best books ever.I don t know how Jeffrey Deaver keeps doing it He just does I start each one thinking this book won t be as great as the last one of his that I just finished Wrong assumption every time This was a fast moving, soul griping story Read it and see for yourself.

  20. Staggeringly good Similar to a Rhyme book with its focus on forensics and a mastermind criminal, but without the limitations of a quadriplegic Just when you think it s ending, there s another twistd another Highly recommended.

  21. Another excellent book from this great thriller writer Set in Washington DC on New Years Eve, a ruthless killer on an escalator, and threats to repeat the killing at set times during the day So many twists and turns in this story keep the FBI on their toes.

  22. This is an outstanding mystery featuring an unusual domestic terrorist I especially liked the character development and the introduction of the science of document examination The ending was a little over the top so I didn t award the 5 stars the writing deserved.

  23. Wow, this is an amazing book that I couldn t put down It was so interesting what Parker knew about the bad guy just from analyzing his note Some excellent twists and turns and a very satisfying finale.

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