Incorruptible, Vol. 2

Unlimited Incorruptible, Vol. 2 - by Mark Waid Horacio Domingues - Incorruptible, Vol. 2, Incorruptible Vol Last Fall BOOM Studios showed the world that MARK WAID IS EVIL with the smash hit graphic novel series IRREDEEMABLE This Fall BOOM shows the world that Mark WaidINCORRUPTIBLE Super villain Max Damag

  • Title: Incorruptible, Vol. 2
  • Author: Mark Waid Horacio Domingues
  • ISBN: 9781608860289
  • Page: 107
  • Format: Paperback

Unlimited Incorruptible, Vol. 2 - by Mark Waid Horacio Domingues, Incorruptible, Vol. 2, Mark Waid Horacio Domingues, Incorruptible Vol Last Fall BOOM Studios showed the world that MARK WAID IS EVIL with the smash hit graphic novel series IRREDEEMABLE This Fall BOOM shows the world that Mark WaidINCORRUPTIBLE Super villain Max Damage had an epiphany the day The Plutonian destroyed Sky City When The Plutonian turned his back on humanity Max Damage decided to step up Now Max Damage has changed hiLast Fall B Unlimited Incorruptible, Vol. 2 - by Mark Waid Horacio Domingues - Incorruptible, Vol. 2, Incorruptible Vol Last Fall BOOM Studios showed the world that MARK WAID IS EVIL with the smash hit graphic novel series IRREDEEMABLE This Fall BOOM shows the world that Mark WaidINCORRUPTIBLE Super villain Max Damag

  • Unlimited Incorruptible, Vol. 2 - by Mark Waid Horacio Domingues
    107Mark Waid Horacio Domingues
Incorruptible, Vol. 2

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  1. Mark Waid Horacio Domingues

    Mark Waid born March 21, 1962 in Hueytown, Alabama is an American comic book writer He is best known for his eight year run as writer of the DC Comics title The Flash, as well as his scripting of the limited series Kingdom Come and Superman Birthright, and his work on Marvel Comics Captain America.


  1. I m really enjoying Mark Waid s Irredeemable, so I thought I d give the second volume of this companion series a look I liked the first one, but wasn t bowled over by it like I am with Irredeemable.Incorruptible has Waid examining the flip side of the superhero goes whacko and turns villain by offering up the villain gets a conscience while watching the aforementioned whacko superhero destroy a city.Max Damage has to navigate his way through his idealistic and narrow view as to what a superhero [...]

  2. Max Damage, the supervillain gone good, is faced with his first serious moral dilemma that tests just how committed he is to his transformation into superhero a former nemesis has captured Jailbait, his underage former lover Will his devotion to her lead him to make a deal with the devil or will he have to sacrifice Jailbait for the greater good I m still intrigued by Max Damage as a character, but, unlike volume 1, this wasn t quite a 4 star read for me Maybe of a 3 1 2 It does little to advan [...]

  3. I am hooked on the Incorruptible Series The second volume is full of surprises First, I noticed the artwork is different from the first volume Then I found out why Max won t die Did I mention he has a weakness It s sleep Has Jailbait always showed lots of skin She dresses like a whore Onto the next volume .

  4. In volume 2, Max Damage picks up the search for Jailbait, who ran away disappeared at the end of Vol 1 He finds a dead ringer for her, who accompanies him around, and ends up becoming a little unhinged herself due to events that take place Max eventually finds the real Jailbait, so now he s stuck with 2 sidekicks for a bit The major development is a white supremacist group who takes the Plutonian s attacks to be a sign of White Pride, and is attacking everyone who s not, and attacks Max with kno [...]

  5. Great premise Great tie in Great powers Terrible execution.Don t let these brilliant, fabulous covers fool you the artwork inside the issues featured in vol 2 here isn t even what I would consider to be competent It s really remedial It s Saturday morning cartoon styled and it cheapened the entire book for want of an edgier, darker style The story falls flat, doing nothing to lure us into the next issue It relies heavily on filler, instead of a solid, brilliant story as Waid features in Irredeem [...]

  6. A good solid outing in a universe Mark Waid has created unlike his sometimes not so solid work when doing work for hire Max Damage is hellbent on sticking to the redemption road in a dystopian super hero tale Max is willing to give up everything he had before embarking on his hero s journey including the one solid relationship he had in his life now he has issues with his sidekick being a 16 year old girl While he s at it he does take out a revolting white supremacy gang that is murdering busine [...]

  7. The second volume of this series is still darned entertaining, but there are some odd changes The tone is serious and focused on the characters while the artwork has become lighter and cartoony Kind of a strange combo, but this is still worth following.

  8. Continuing the storyline form Vol1, new characters are starting to be added and it is a nice change Still has very nice artwork and a strong storyline.

  9. The story is gaining some momentum but it s really testing one s patience Let s hope the plot thickens by issue 9.

  10. Max Damage is a whore with a heart of gold.Okay, perhaps that s oversimplifying Or, perhaps that s an understatement.Mark Waid s villain comes clean ongoing series, INCORRUPTIBLE, continues with the second volume of this fast spaced, character developing, truly intriguing story of what happens when one of the world s greatest super villains decides to become one of the world s greatest superheroes As long as he lives to survive the transformation.Following on the heels of the first volume, this [...]

  11. Reason for Reading Next in the series.It s been such a long wait since Vol 1 but it sure was worth it Vol 2 is even better than the first and I m loving this series much better than Irredeemable which I really like Since we are dealing with only one main character here there is so much character development of Max Damage than in the other series and while one still is reminded of the vicious villain he used to be it is hard to not like him for who he is now, the seemingly only superhero really [...]

  12. So Jailbait has run off and Damage is trying to make it seem as though she is still around in an effort to protect her from his enemies Enter Annie, a girl he rescues that is now passing as Jailbait while Damage tries to find Jailbait Jailbait eventually gets rescued but Damage is really trying to get her to leave him be and go into the straight life Unfortunately Annie s family has been destroyed by a gang of skin head Nazi s who have convinced themselves they are the Plutonian s chosen ones In [...]

  13. I m not going to say it s improbable a Super Hero induced apocalypse would spawn a group of ICP 90 s Alternative looking white guys into giving themselves a cute name like the Diamond Gang and going around beating and killing minorities because they think the Super Hero is calling them to do so I m not going to say it s improbable because I ve never been in a Super Hero induced apocalypse so I can t say what it d be like What I can say, however, is racists make for some pretty lame, boring, card [...]

  14. Expected and unexpected World Good art, it s grim and dark and fits the tone of the book The world building is fairly light and only there to serve the story, it s not the main focus, plus a lot of the world building was already done in Irredeemable Story Expected and unexpected at the same time The Annie angle was unexpected but the Terri angle was You know Waid was not going for Jerry Lewis and it was a matter of time The emotions were there and the pacing of the tale is fine, but this is trea [...]

  15. This volume collects issues 5 8 of the INCORRUPTIBLE series from writer Mark Waid and artist Noracio Domingues While Domingues artstyle is a bit cartoony than original artist Jean Diaz, he still does a great job with Waid s tale of former villain Max Damage s attempt to turnover a new leaf.Max s former side kick, Jailbait, feeling rejected by Max after he attempts to save her from the current situation in Sky City, runs away, only to be captured by the villain Deathgiver who wants to hold her h [...]

  16. I m not sure if this of a statement about the writing specifically, about stories in general, or about me as the reader, but so far volumes 1 3 I m not finding this tale of a villain s redemption nearly as captivating as the companion tale of a hero s fall.I thoroughly enjoyed the first nine volumes of Waid s Irredeemable, about the unexpected, unstoppable, murderous rampage of ultimate superhero The Plutonian, so when supervillain Max Damage was introduced as one of his nemeses in volume 9 I d [...]

  17. Just as awesome as volume one, but the art here is definitely lackluster I was really disappointed in the artist change and hope they switch back to the old one The story in this volume picks up where the last one left off, but now Jailbait has gone missing I know it s bad that Jailbait is underage and with Max, but I was still kind of rooting for them to work it out It s obvious they care about each other But, maybe it is best if she tries to lead a life without Max Either way, I think Jailbait [...]

  18. Max Damage has turned over a new leaf, and it seems to be throwing his life for a loop Stuck with a new wanna be partner and a mission that no one fully believes, Damage is trapped between a world that does not trust him and the few people who do Rescuing young Annie from a gang, Max becomes interest in her welfare he must balance this with a citywide search for his former lover partner Jailbait, whose disappearance could open a huge can of worms A nice surprise hit than continues to impress.

  19. So, Jailbait has run away and Max Damage is continuing to attempt figuring out how to actually be a superhero after all his time as a notorious supervillian Concerned for Jailbait s safety while on her own, Max coerces a woman he has recently saved into wearing her costume and posing as her to prevent knowledge of Jailbait s absence from getting out Max also starts to realize it s not particularly heroic to have an underage sidekick and begins to come to terms with letting Jailbait go her own wa [...]

  20. After the strong first volume, I was very excited about the next I kept thinking, how are they going to carry this story The story carries, but it takes it sweet time at points The art changes, but I don t mind I dig the characters it is a cool opposite to Irredeemable I root for Max Damage the entire time he is on the page Jail Bait actually turns out to be an interesting character other then a stupid ploy to bring in a male audience I hope this series can really carry itself moving forward int [...]

  21. Aside from the cartoony art which doesn t match the adult tone of the content , my biggest gripe with this one is how Wait literally treats Jailbait as an interchangeable sidekick It s mildly alarming considering the girls are both underage, though I suppose we are dealing with morally compromised individuals Aside from those issues, the Incorruptible series remains an interesting slice of life counterpoint to the greater in scope companion series Irredeemable.

  22. I wasn t initially impressed with volume 1 of this series, but volume 2 was infinitely better The artwork, for one thing, seemed to change styles I didn t notice if maybe they got a different artist or something, but I much prefer the art in volume 2 I also felt like the story was better While there were times throughout this volume and the series as a whole that I got confused, in the end I really enjoyed this series and can definitely understand why it got so many raves.

  23. The difficulty I m having here is that clearly Jailbait is the most important character here I think that for once TPTB and I are in agreement on this sort of thing, possibly even for a few of the same reasons but this just ties me up in knots with the fear that it s all going to go so very, very wrong soon.

  24. This volume was better than the last the writing seemed snappier, like Waid got comfortable in the skin of Max Damage I really enjoyed seeing the snags of a villain turned hero, and what considerations there would be sidekick, etc trying not to spoil things here Am definitely enjoying this series and curious to see where it and IRREDEEMABLE go.

  25. This volume is even better than the last The story is picking up, the characters are getting interesting, and the development of Jailbait is really intriguing The art also improved a lot, giving the characters much emotion especially Max.

  26. A nice continuation of the storyline that gels well as a complete story but also moves the arc forward.

  27. I got the second one hoping it would get better It didn t I can t be mad at the author for giving me the same tasting shit when I go to him for a second helping, but I did learn my lesson.

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