Unlimited Homeless - by Laurie Halse Anderson - Homeless, Homeless Sunita has always wanted a cat but her parents are dead set against it Then she finds a group of strays living in the wild and knows she can domesticate them even though she s been told that these a

  • Title: Homeless
  • Author: Laurie Halse Anderson
  • ISBN: 9781101176672
  • Page: 130
  • Format: ebook

Unlimited Homeless - by Laurie Halse Anderson, Homeless, Laurie Halse Anderson, Homeless Sunita has always wanted a cat but her parents are dead set against it Then she finds a group of strays living in the wild and knows she can domesticate them even though she s been told that these are feral cats who see humans as their enemies First she convinces Dr Mac to examine the cats fix them and give them shots Then she wants to re release the cats now hSunita has always wan Unlimited Homeless - by Laurie Halse Anderson - Homeless, Homeless Sunita has always wanted a cat but her parents are dead set against it Then she finds a group of strays living in the wild and knows she can domesticate them even though she s been told that these a

  • Unlimited Homeless - by Laurie Halse Anderson
    130Laurie Halse Anderson

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    Ask box is open, my friends What do you want to know UPDATE The SPEAK graphic novel, illustrated by Emily Carroll, will be published on Feb 6, 2018 I recently answered all kinds of great questions over at Reddit Check it out for loads about my writing process and my books reddit r books commenFor bio stuff Laurie Halse Anderson is the New York Times bestselling author who writes for kids of all ages Known for tackling tough subjects with humor and sensitivity, her work has earned numerous ALA and state awards Two of her books, Speak and Chains, were National Book Award finalists.Mother of four and wife of one, Laurie lives outside Philadelphia You can follow her adventures on Twitter, twitter halseanderson and on her tumblr lauriehalseanderson.tumblr Check out Laurie s website, madwomanintheforest.


  1. 3.5 stars My library didn t have the first book in this series, so I m hoping I didn t miss much by skipping to book two I m a big fan of Laurie Halse Anderson s YA novels, and interested in seeing what her early reader pre MG books are like Not only that, but I m looking for stuff my 8 year old might like after he s done with The Notebook of Doom series We are both big cat fans, so this seemed like a good fit Strengths Sunita is an Indian American protagonist yay for diversity and obsessed with [...]

  2. There s nothing like a light simple read The Wild At Heart books are perfect for those I had the first book of these for the longest time and just recently found book 2 and I loved it just as much as the first and I can t wait to find the next ones and finish the series

  3. This book was a read Main character is an Indian American girl who loves cats I was so exited to read a book in which my daughter could see herself The reading level was a bit above my 8 year old, especially the vocabulary surrounding the veterinary clinic, vaccinations and a feral colony therefore it made it a perfect book for us to read together I appreciated the story line of kids who love animals mixed with veterinary science The author didn t sugar coat the action and it kept my young reade [...]

  4. this book homeless was about a girl who truly love cats who decided to work at a clinic just to be around cats because her mother don t like them nor won t allow her to have one as a pete believes that they are to sneaky.what i liked about the book was how she really liked cats and you could tell because even after she got bit by one hard to where she had to go to the hospital afterward she was making sure the cat that bit her was okay and she was blaming herself and still wanted to check on tha [...]

  5. Very good I have nothing negative to say It was a very good book I could imagine most of the book in my head.

  6. sunita is a very cat loveing person so whent out to the rescue clinct and got a voeering teerie job to help drc she became very close to socrates the clinic s pet animal she took him home one day and there was another cat at the house and socrates became violent and starting attcting the other cat after the fight they both ran away and sunita became very worriod that something had happened to him and the other cat she was pregant so they were even worried when they were looking for them they ca [...]

  7. Vet Volunteers Fight for LifeLaurie Halse AndersonMaggie is a dog lover, she happens to live in a vet clinic, run by J.J Mackenzie, her veterinarian grandmother She loves to help but sick pups are piling up There is a puppy mill A puppy mill is a place where people sell sick puppies on purpose just to make money The story is about a girl who likes dogs and she helps the dogs by helping her grandmother take care of the sick dogs There are just sick puppy after sick puppy one week because someone [...]

  8. Another of Anderson s great animal stories for young readers Homeless focuses on Sunita and her desire to have a cat while teaching readers about the difference between pets and feral wild animals Through Sunita s gradual understanding of the distinction between domestic and feral, children can learn about the different ways that stray animals relate to people and learn a lesson about being cautious in animal encounters.

  9. Same stories in Anderson s Vet Volunteers series All these stories are so much better than the run of the mill cute animal chapter books out there They are just as enjoyable for their readers, much informative, and address current issues I am using them to help animal organizations plan programs for kids in grades 3 5.

  10. When Dr Mac s cat, Socrates, runs away, the volunteers find a lot of feral cats inhabiting an abandoned boxcar When Sunita sets out to find the cats good homes,she must overcome many obstacles not the least of which is her mother s fear of cats Formulaic and predictable, but still a nice quick book to while away a few hours.

  11. Again another beautiful story i read as a young reader 5th grade I loved this one then the 1st one because i found this one sad I hate seeing homeless pets They dont deserve it Plus i like kitty shehe.

  12. Cats love Sunita Patel, and she loves them back Since her mother won t let he have a cat of her own, finding a feral cat colony is a dream come true But Animal Control is going to destroy all of the cats unless Sunita does something drastic.

  13. It seems every year I have at least one student that wants to be a veterinarian Although I worry that some of my struggling readers will get caught up in the technical language and medical terms of this story, it s a story that shows the many ways to get involved with helping animals.

  14. CatsIt is always important to educate yourself on the species or pet you are planning to add to your home and family Keeping your new member clean,fed,and healthy is very important A pet can teach responsibility as well as love and compassion.

  15. This is a cute kids book It could ve had detail, but the book itself was probably meant to be short and to the point Is is a quick feel good book to read.

  16. This book is another one of my great books I would spare time i my day to read this, it had great words and the love never stopped.

  17. Feel good story for 4th or 5th grade students about a group of volunteers who rescue some cats from being put down.

  18. I like how the writer addresses the cat issues in this country When it comes to rescue stories, so many people just skip over the cats

  19. I enjoyed this book, and i like how it was about cats This series is a short chapter book that i find interesting and a good story.

  20. A fun, educational, intriguing book series that helps young kids interested in animals learn a bit about their furry friends.

  21. this book is sad and it is a really big adventure for sunita she loves cats and cats love her back you should read this book for further information

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