Wicked Pleasure (Bound Hearts, #9)

[PDF] Wicked Pleasure (Bound Hearts, #9) | by Ü Lora Leigh - Wicked Pleasure (Bound Hearts, #9), Wicked Pleasure Bound Hearts From New York Times bestselling author Lora Leigh comes the explosive new novel in her Bound Hearts series Jaci Wright has been running from the Falladay twins Chase and Cam for seven years now Fear

  • Title: Wicked Pleasure (Bound Hearts, #9)
  • Author: Lora Leigh
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 441
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Wicked Pleasure (Bound Hearts, #9) | by Ü Lora Leigh, Wicked Pleasure (Bound Hearts, #9), Lora Leigh, Wicked Pleasure Bound Hearts From New York Times bestselling author Lora Leigh comes the explosive new novel in her Bound Hearts series Jaci Wright has been running from the Falladay twins Chase and Cam for seven years now Fears of the desires they arouse in her and the knowledge of the relationship they wanted with her spurred her to run to find a life that kept her traveling the globe [PDF] Wicked Pleasure (Bound Hearts, #9) | by Ü Lora Leigh - Wicked Pleasure (Bound Hearts, #9), Wicked Pleasure Bound Hearts From New York Times bestselling author Lora Leigh comes the explosive new novel in her Bound Hearts series Jaci Wright has been running from the Falladay twins Chase and Cam for seven years now Fear

  • [PDF] Wicked Pleasure (Bound Hearts, #9) | by Ü Lora Leigh
    441 Lora Leigh
Wicked Pleasure (Bound Hearts, #9)

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    Lora Leigh lives in the rolling hills of Kentucky, often found absorbing the ambience of this peaceful setting She dreams in bright, vivid images of the characters intent on taking over her writing life, and fights a constant battle to put them on the hard drive of her computer before they can disappear as fast as they appeared Lora s family, and her writing life co exist, if not in harmony, in relative peace with each other Surrounded by a menagerie of pets, friends, and a teenage son who keeps her quick wit engaged, Lora s life is filled with joys, aided by her fans whose hearts remind her daily why she writes.Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this namecmillan author loraleigh


  1. I felt like this story was on auto repeat with the charters thoughts, words and actions I felt like I read the same story over and over in different ways the character could think up of the same info in their heads.I wanted the threats and issues Jaci was dealing with I didn t want Cam walking around like a 24 7 viagra ad If he wasn t aroused, then he was big crankosourus all broody, scowling, irritated, and he just couldn t stop thinking the same things and hiding his past through the whole sto [...]

  2. This was a good erotic romance, but it was also one that frustrated me at times It s also a bit of a dark, emotional tale, so than any of the other Bound Hearts books I don t think I d consider it one of my favorites of the series, but I liked it a lot.Wicked Pleasure is the ninth book in Lora Leigh s Bound Hearts series The series is based on a group of men who enjoy consensually sharing their women with a third.Jaci Wright and the Falladay twins grew up together in Oklahoma Though Jaci was fi [...]

  3. This book is erotica, so stop reading if that s not your thing.This book was horribly written and edited Really, the publisher should be ashamed and should fire the editor What happened Did she lose her red pen Maybe she was angry with her employer and sent the manuscript through with nothing but proofreading I don t know, but the end result is an unbelievably bad novel.For one, the author seems to have a short list of words that she tried to work into nearly every paragraph as many times as pos [...]

  4. 4 I m C ing StarsMan oh man, I loved my twins Cam or Chase I m leaning towards Chase because he s funny, smart, fiercely loyal and he doesn t mind sharing For instance, in bed As for Cam He s broody, grumpy, and bears his scars both inside and out This is his story, by the way Oh, and both my C boys have mad bedroom skillz Two for one, you really can t beat that deal Anyway, at times this was a tough book to get through I really enjoyed it, but the writing was so freaking DENSE It was like a wom [...]

  5. Well, there s no denying that this is a plenty hot book Many, many sex scenes of various types including some menages with the hero s twin brother, so definitely not a book for the faint of heart Cam, the hero of this book, has suffered some horrible, heartbreaking abuse as a teenager, and it has left him scarred emotionally So much so that he cannot bring himself to actually sleep in a bed with a women he does the deed and then he s outta there A bed has too many painful memories for him The he [...]

  6. Ok, I m a damn independent chick And while I don t mind dominant men in general, I do have issues with dom men who are overbearing to the point of stupidity I ve read a half dozen or so of L.L books and I ve enjoyed em Wicked Pleasure had me rolling my eyes and flipping through it quickly in order to get it over with My synopsis Girl falls for Twin Boy 1 But at age 21 she figures out that Twin Boy 1 is a package deal, meaning she s gotta screw both boys to be with the one she really wants Fast f [...]

  7. Hmmm I really enjoyed it, but I definitely had my moments of frustration Jaci has had her eye on Cam Falladay since she was a pre pubescent girl He was 15 and hurting, and it would be years until she learned the awful magnitude of why, but she did the best she could as a young girl and always made Cam smile As Jaci began to mature and fill out, Cam noticed and finally decided to act on his feelings for her while on leave from duty He drags her away to his place, things get hot and heavy,.d then [...]

  8. I was looking so forward to reading this book and I was not disappointed Cameron Falladay is in love with Jaci Wright He also likes to share his women with his twin brother Chase Cameron is the victim of a terrible past that he has not shared with anyone Throughout the book you can feel his pain Jaci also had something horrible happen to her which she is not sharing with the twins This book has romance, suspense and tender, emotional moments Of course it also has alot of hot sex Very steamy This [...]

  9. Wicked Pleasure Only PleasureThese two books are companion pieces and should be read in order or you ll be having several huh moments with the plot in the second book Excellent reads suspenseful action, likable characters it s so much fun to watch the heroes try to avoid commitment when they are already committed body and soul and definitely hot sex scenes.You do no have to read the other books before these the characters do make appearances and it would enrich your reading to know their backgro [...]

  10. Veamos Me sigue gustando bastante la narrativa de Lora Leigh y c mo crea sus personajes, aunque despu s de nueve libros de la saga Corazones encadenados, algunas cosas se me han empezado a hacer repetitivas, tanto en la estructura de las historias como en los mismos protagonistas.Aqu volvemos a tener un tr o, pero tiene algunas claras diferencias con los anteriores en la saga Cam y Chase son gemelos que han tenido un pasado bastante duro y Jaci es una chica que a pesar de creer que ha podido sup [...]

  11. I love the background for the Wicked novels The Club outside Washington D.C is a long standing and extremely private organization Its members share a certain notoriety that comes from being Fortune 500 CEOs, congressmen, and other famous movers and shakers Its members also share the need to engage in sexual m nage activities with their female lovers wives Therein the extreme secrecy attached to The Club Members sign confidentiality agreements and The Club has a punitive committee composed of ver [...]

  12. Lora Leigh is a favorite author of mine No one writes a sex scene like her She gives you a front seat into the sexual happenings of the characters She usually matches the sex scenes with an equally scorching story.What kept this book from being her usual 4 5 star novel 1 Ms Leigh lost me when a 28 year old virgin involves herself in a menage Her first penetration is anal without prep Then minutes later she gets penetrated vaginally without prep This double dicking is done without so much as an o [...]

  13. 3.5 stars My first read by Lora Leigh okay so I did not see THAT coming I still don t get why people likes threesomes or sharing your lover Fine, it ll be pleasurable for the female but shouldn t the POSSESIVENESS override the sharing To be fair, it is WAY better narrated than Haven of Obedience There s emotional turmoils and inner struggles going on, but really,the males are just TOO masculine and TOO I m a man, I protect and I have my pride etc Cam Overbearing protective dominant and possessi [...]

  14. This was a pretty good book Jaci Wright has loved Cameron Falladay as long as she could remember When she was thirteen, she told her dark knight in no uncertain terms to wait for her to grow up that she loved him, and would always make the bad things go away Shortly after her twenty first birthday, she had offered herself and her virginity to him, but when she couldn t be with both he and his twin Chase Jaci has been running from the Falladay twins, Chase and Cam, for seven years now Jaci travel [...]

  15. This book starts out very hot, and that s were you think it is going rightwell it does stay hot, but Cam is hiding a very dark secret and Jaci spends the whole book trying to break through to his heart.It does have a HEA ending and is worth the read.

  16. Jaci has been good friends with twins Cam and Chase for awhile She has been in love with Cam since she was 13 and he was 18 Wait on me, Cam I ll grow up and I ll take all the bad things away Eight years later Jaci is hoping to see Cam at a party Now that she is 21 he will not be making her go home like he use to Or she thought Cam is 26 now and has wanted Jaci for as long as he can remember He wants to keep her safe and protected from other guys that come to these parties This is when the sexual [...]

  17. Just my take, so make up your own mind This is only my 3rd book by this author Awkward reading the first half of the book It never really got smoothed out The dialogue was off and uneven, and not really meaningful, some things felt out of place I stuck with it to the middle but the story never evened out I didn t sense the couple chemisty and didnt find the sex sensual or erotic, in the sense the acts seemed one sided and despite the explicitness, it seemed forced on her to accept, because she l [...]

  18. I have nothing against threesomes or foursomes or fivesomes but I don t get why it s so romantic in books to have the main girl have sex with two men when she obviously loved only one of them I get it if she had love both of them in terms of I can t live without you you both complete me and not in a You re both hot and you guys are a package deal kind of way and she ends up with both twins at the end which is unlikely but hey, it s a twist I think it s worse since I knew the chick glance at back [...]

  19. I don t know what to say about this book Someone else commented it was poorly edited and I have to agree with that It was difficult to read, the language didn t flow I had to re read some parts, and with the two male characters Cam and Chase , having such similar names you lose track of who is doing what in the sex scenes LOL, I think there were definitely some extra body parts being flung about.There was quite a bit of a certain Act that is not in my preferred repertoire, so that may have lesse [...]

  20. WARNING definately NOT for the concservative reader Contains explicit sexual content and foul language Wicked Pleasure was a very fitting title VERY HOT EROTIC This book grabbed my attention from page 1 and didn t let go, I didn t want to put it downI couldn t help but like the twins My favorite was Chase with his sense of humor, but Cam was just as likeable with his outer hardness and inner protectiveness And the bad boy in both made them that much enjoyable There was also an emotion aspect to [...]

  21. There s a place on everybody s bookshelf for a bit of good erotica, but this is not it I can t for the life of me figure out why this woman s writing is so popular this is angst ridden teen melodrama with a lot of unrealistic sex thrown in Everybody is emotionally tortured and anguished and the plot makes no sense at all Worse still, the prose is as contorted as the silly story You never know what we all might learn that we haven t already Shannon McKenna writes better romantic thrillers and Emm [...]

  22. FINAL DECISION Filled with angst and drama, this is my favorite of the series Cam is a tormented man desperately trying to keep the woman he loves without revealing his pain and torment Sexy and emotional, this is a well rounded bookE STORY Jaci Wright has loved Cam Falladay since she was a child but for seven years she has been running from Cam and his twin brother Chase When she was twenty one she thought that she was finally going to get the night she wanted with Cam until she found out that [...]

  23. Bruttarello.Se con Menage proibito la Leigh aveva reso il menage, un argomento sulla carta indigesto e difficile da comprendere, quasi giustificabile, o comunque credibile nell ambito della storia narrata, con questo altro romanzo ha fatto un terribile buco nell acqua.Che sappia scrivere le scene hot un dato di fatto, ma qui c veramente poco altro.Partiamo dal personaggio di lei, Jaci una ragazza tecnicamente non pi vergine ha perso la verginit con un vibratore , che per non ha mai avuto esperie [...]

  24. There s to this book than meets the eye Three and a half stars, but don t let the synopsis fool you.This one s a bit lust driven than my taste for erotica usually runs, but there s such a powerful story here that I don t want to discredit the book just because it isn t particularly suited to me Your heart will ache for Cameron Falladay, even if you aren t certain til late in the book what exactly he endured as a teenager, and though there is graphic sex in the book, the author does an eequally [...]

  25. Okay, so I m not going to waste a lot of time with this review WICKED PLEASURE was not a good book for me I found it very difficult to keep up with the bipolar, dark, and controlling men The plot was difficult and the characters way too complex Cam Falladay went through pretty horrific abuse by his aunt at the age of 15 After suffering through that and a stint in the army, his twin Chase can hardly recognize him There s only one person who s ever gotten to Cam and that s Jaci Wright She s ran fr [...]

  26. I checked this book out following a conversation about erotic fiction with a fellow librarian I took this title, she took another and we later compared We concurred on the following a the format is the same as any other romance, it seems as if the lovers are destined for eachother but a lot of drama is in the wayd of course there is a very mean person at the peak of the drama b the language is very strong during intimate scenesIn regard to this particular title I did not read the entire book, I [...]

  27. I was skeptical about this book from the beginning As I started reading it the first few chapters captured my attention After that as I continued reading I noticed there are so many chapters that all seem the same It s like reading the same book over and over again However I forced myself to finish this book yes force because it was a book that s hard to read and was very surprised by the ending The sex scenes were kind of repetitive cam front chase back this book had a very wicked ending I won [...]

  28. So I was a little intrigued after reading Forbidden Pleasure, and wanted to see if all the books in this series are about the same thing I realize these are only books 8 and 9 of a series that seems pretty large But I m thinking they are all about the same particular subject matter My delicate sensibilities can t handle much I don t think haha I really don t get the whole sharing thing I can t understand their need for it It doesn t make sense to me Even after reading their explanations, I don [...]

  29. This was a very emotional and suspenseful story From the beginning of the book you will feel a connection between Cam and Jaci Seven years have gone by when they meet up again, only to discover that the feeling they had for each other have only grown stronger But they re both hiding secrets that they re not willing to share.Absolutely a wonderful read You can t go wrong with any book in the Bound Hearts Series.

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