Greyfriars Bobby

↠ Greyfriars Bobby ✓ Eleanor Atkinson - Greyfriars Bobby, Greyfriars Bobby When the time gun boomed from Edinburgh Castle Bobby gave a startled yelp He was only a little country dog the very youngest and smallest and shaggiest of Skye terriers bred on a heathery slope of the

  • Title: Greyfriars Bobby
  • Author: Eleanor Atkinson
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 213
  • Format: Kindle Edition

↠ Greyfriars Bobby ✓ Eleanor Atkinson, Greyfriars Bobby, Eleanor Atkinson, Greyfriars Bobby When the time gun boomed from Edinburgh Castle Bobby gave a startled yelp He was only a little country dog the very youngest and smallest and shaggiest of Skye terriers bred on a heathery slope of the Pentland hills where the loudest sound was the bark of a collie or the tinkle of a sheep bell Excerpt from Chapter ↠ Greyfriars Bobby ✓ Eleanor Atkinson - Greyfriars Bobby, Greyfriars Bobby When the time gun boomed from Edinburgh Castle Bobby gave a startled yelp He was only a little country dog the very youngest and smallest and shaggiest of Skye terriers bred on a heathery slope of the

  • ↠ Greyfriars Bobby ✓ Eleanor Atkinson
    213 Eleanor Atkinson
Greyfriars Bobby

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  1. Eleanor Atkinson

    Eleanor Stackhouse Atkinson 1863 1942 was a journalist, publisher, and author Born in Indiana, she began her career as a schoolteacher in Indianapolis and Chicago She wrote for the Chicago Tribune under the pen name Nora Marks, and worked as the publisher for the Little Chronicle Publishing Company In 1912, she published her best known work the classic children s story Greyfriars Bobby.


  1. I had previously enjoyed the charming 1961 Disney film adaptation of Greyfriars Bobby, and for some reason, I don t know why, I had the notion that the source novel would be a bit dry and dusty I was entirely wrong This is one of those happy instances where the movie is a faithful adaptation, but the book is even better, simply because there s of it a little depth to the characters, backstory, incidents that just didn t fit into a screenplay The story of Bobby, the faithful little Skye terri [...]

  2. Peringatan buat calon pembaca buku ini, dan kebetulan sering memberi rating atas buku2 nyaris mirip dengan rating yang saya berikan atas buku yang sama siapkan sapu tangan atau kertas tisu yang banyak.Berapa kali saya dibuat menangis oleh sebuah buku, lumayan sering terjadi Sebab saya termasuk cengeng, gampang nangis Terakhir, selain buku The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane, saat membaca bagian menjelang akhir hayat Ibu Sudalmiyah Rais dalam Menapak Jejak Amien Rais, saya begitu terharu dan [...]

  3. Bobby is a Skye Terrier who makes his abode in Greyfriars, Scotland When you say his name, make sure to pronounce it in a British Scottish accent Sounds better like that, of course This happy little ruffian of a terrier lived during Queen Victoria s reign his true story begins in 1858 and takes the course of many years thereafter Bobby has a very courageous story It was a notable feat for a small creature whose tufted legs were not than six inches in length, whose thatch of long hair almost swe [...]

  4. Books 293 2016 3 dari 5 bintang Kalau di Jepang ada yang namanya Hachiko kalau di Inggris ada yang namanya Bobby Pada awalnya membaca buku ini terasa menjemukan Tampaknya saya selalu bermasalah dengan novel Inggris Klasik Masih mendingan membaca novel Russia Klasik Tetapi adegan demi adegan muncul apalagi ketika kesetiaan si Bobby menunggu makam tuannya selama 14 tahun membuat hati ini rasanya tercekat Terimakasih Mbak Anne atas bukunya

  5. My reading of Stevenson has reminded me how much I loved this as a child I was such a sucker for sentimental animal stories sobbed my heart out at the film version of The Incredible Journey and one of my earliest memories is how the lions at the Zoo did not share out their food in a comradely sort of way and I cried all the way home because one lioness went hungry Aaaaaaaaw Molesworth would have called me a wet and a weed, and my older brother called me worse than that But that s what older brot [...]

  6. Being the son of Edinburgh folk, I was force fed the legend of Greyfriars Bobby by my parents and grandparents It s one of the great stories of animal loyalty For those of you who don t know it, he was a Skye terrier who sat by his master s grave for 14 years in the grounds of the eponymous church which wasn t called Bobby.My mother was fond of this story as a child, so a paperback copy of this classic version of the story was thrust upon me at an early age It remains on my shelves, its cover Se [...]

  7. The place is Edinburgh Castle in Scotland and the time is 1858 during the reign of Queen Victoria.Bobby He was only a little country doge smallest and shaggiest of Skye terriers Little Bobby was nobody s dog He had no master He was everybody s dog He changed the lives of all who were lucky enough to came in contact He even had friends among other members of the animal world After a few years, a little robin came to join him during his vigil on the poor shepherd s grave Before Bobby, the shepherd [...]

  8. Off to Edinburgh for a few days stay in the Old Town, and with a five hour train journey from London to fill, what else could I read but Greyfriars Bobby I ve read it before and had fond memories, so I downloaded it onto my new Kindle thought I would hate the Kindle, but I LOVE it so far and devoured it on the train, unashamedly shedding a few tears at the end Then, as soon as I dropped my bags off at my hotel, I headed out to explore all the places I d just finished reading about in the Old Tow [...]

  9. Read with an open heart and a box of kleenex This is the most honest portrait of the love and devotion that exists between a human being and his beloved dog When you have read the bookn t miss the movie Try and fit a box of kleenex in your purseyou will need itbut oh how both this book and movie will warm your heart and send you home to hug your beloved pet, or remember those that are now gone but so enriched your life with their unconditional love and affection.

  10. Love this little book Description is just great I bring it out and re read every 2 3 years Usually in mid winter when I can curl up and listen to the wind howling or watch the snow falling I m a bit late this time as reading it now but the wind is still howling Not far to go in book so will be crying soon

  11. I read this book again in one sitting, and was in tears for most of it I m not sure why this story of a faithful little dog always affects me so Bobby is a Skye terrier, and when his sheepherder master dies in the slums of Edinburgh, he follows the little procession to the graveyard and refuses to leave the grave He lives in the Greyfriars graveyard for 14 years, lying on his master s grave or under a fallen slab nearby The graveyard caretaker and his wife are won over by his loyalty, as are the [...]

  12. I thoroughly enjoyed this book The writer kept my attention through the whole story I thought it was interesting how she used the language of the day when the characters spoke I actually had a tough time translating in some instances Most of the time I figured it out I loved the lesson she taught us through the love and faithfulness of a little doggie.

  13. I loved this little book about the loyalty of a little Skye terrier The best parts of the book I felt were the descriptions of the different people whose lives were touched by this little dog A beautiful story

  14. loved this book also seen teh movie and i have to say teh book is always better If you ever get teh chance to visit Scotland go to Edinburgh and visit Grey Friars Bobby statue and that area you wont be dissapointed

  15. Total DevotionIn some ways reminds me of A Dogs Purpose but in this case of a true dog s devotion to someone beyond their death Had seen Disney movie long ago but first read for the book Everything I hoped for Recommend highly Keep hankie handy.

  16. Inspired storyAlways wanted to know the story Very entering and amazing story I saw the kirkyard and memorial when s in edinborough

  17. Lovely vocabulary I think it would be a fun read aloud if you are willing to experiment a bit with the Scottish dialect in spots Very sweet story I recommend it.

  18. Such a moving little story about the love and faithfulness of a dog An even better read if you have visited Scottland and the beautiful places in which the book takes place.

  19. Bobby is a cute little silver haired Skye terrier He adopts Auld Jock, an elderly shepherd, as his master Eventually the shepherd loses his job and dies in poverty The farmer tries to reclaim Bobby as a pet for his daughter but Bobby continues to guard Jock s grave in Greyfriars Kirkyard for fourteen years His devotion changed the lives of those around him and ultimately the conditions of the poor in Edinburgh Bobby s incredible loyalty is eventually rewarded and he becomes revered by people al [...]

  20. True story of a Skye terrier loved by allThis was kind of hard to read because a lot of dialect is Swedish, but so worth reading Feel good reading.

  21. Greyfriars Bobby is a sentimental and charming story based on the life of a dog named Bobby who faithfully guarded his master s grave for 14 years This version, like all others, is not a definitive and accurate version of what really happened but a compelling story nonetheless Although others have been tempted to call this a children s book the author meant it for adults and it is fine reading for any age My only warning is this Prepare to read slowly and carefully as all spoken words are writte [...]

  22. REVIEW GREYFRIARS BOBBYSuram, itu merupakan hal pertama yang terpintas kalau melihat buku ini Gimana nggak suram, gambar anjing kecil dengan sebuah batu nisan adalah cover terpilih untuk novel ini Seakan kurang menyuramkan, warna abu abu lah yang dipilih untuk menemani mereka melapisi halaman depan buku Ada kutipan terkenal yang mengatakan jangan memandang buku dari covernya, karena belum tau tentang isinya Namun nampaknya, buku ini merupakan pengecualian Greyfriars Bobby adalah sebuah cerita te [...]

  23. The story begins in 1858 when Bobby is a young, slate gray, Highland Skye terrier who lives on a sheep farm in the Pentland Hills outside of Edinburgh, Scotland He claims as his master an old shepherd named John Gray, age 63, generally known simply as Auld Jock, although the dog actually is owned by the tenant of Cauldbrae farm where the shepherd works That winter the farmer has to let Auld Jock go for lack of work, and the elderly shepherd rents a room in Edinburgh Bobby runs away from the farm [...]

  24. I enjoyed reading my 1940 edition of such a sweet story about a dog s loyalty and love I don t even like to be around dogs, but I enjoyed this story and the sneak peek into daily life in a Scottish town Though the Scottish brogue throughout the book can be a challenge to decipher, I enjoyed this heartwarming story And presently the man showed, unwittingly, how sweet a kernel the heart may lie under the shell of sordid necessity p 88 Everything warned Bobby to lie still in safety until morning an [...]

  25. This is an enchanting book based on a true story of a little dog, a Skye terrier, who lay on his master s grave for years I don t remember reading it as a child but I remember the movie and how the story always stayed with me When we were in Edinburgh we saw the graveyard and the little dog s grave as well as the bronze statue of him atop the fountain built so animals could find water when in the bustling town The story still resonates today as a symbol of loyalty.

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