Holden and Yves – The Early Years

Holden and Yves – The Early Years Best Download || [Maculategiraffe] - Holden and Yves – The Early Years, Holden and Yves The Early Years Holden and Yves The Early Years is a mini prequel tale in the Slave Breakers saga but is best read after the other stories in the series Imagine a modern society parallel to our own where impoverishe

  • Title: Holden and Yves – The Early Years
  • Author: Maculategiraffe
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  • Page: 232
  • Format: ebook

Holden and Yves – The Early Years Best Download || [Maculategiraffe], Holden and Yves – The Early Years, Maculategiraffe, Holden and Yves The Early Years Holden and Yves The Early Years is a mini prequel tale in the Slave Breakers saga but is best read after the other stories in the series Imagine a modern society parallel to our own where impoverished peasants are legally permitted to sell their children into slavery starting at age The upper class households in this world demonstrate their wealth by buying Holden and Yves – The Early Years Best Download || [Maculategiraffe] - Holden and Yves – The Early Years, Holden and Yves The Early Years Holden and Yves The Early Years is a mini prequel tale in the Slave Breakers saga but is best read after the other stories in the series Imagine a modern society parallel to our own where impoverishe

  • Holden and Yves – The Early Years Best Download || [Maculategiraffe]
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Holden and Yves – The Early Years

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  1. This was definitely my favourite book of the series It was great to read about Holden and Yves early years, when they first became master and slave Quote from the book So you like being mine he asked in Yves ear as he pulled him closer Love it, master, said Yves softly Love being yours and love you I love you too, said Holden, and nibbled at Yves earlobe.

  2. I ve read all the books in the series Slave Breakers I think the author did not like slavery She does not really believe that it may be good for anyone One could describe Holden, the main character, as a master who has a velvet hand in a velvet glove I understand that the author has created a situation where the retrainers are literally saving the lives of slaves cruelly mistreated by their former masters We could not bring a broken slave to life by hitting him, even gently So her context is wel [...]

  3. Review is for the overall series rather than individual books.I can t even say how much I m crushing on these characters and this universe Fucking LOVE it Sooo damn good If you re a fan of slave stories and free reads , this is one you won t want to miss

  4. This review is for all of the slave breakers series I enjoyed them all about the same, except maybe the prequel which is my least favorite, but still very good.I was not sure what to think of this story before I started reading it I saw where one of my friends here on rated it very well Then I saw that it was posted on LiveJournal and that there are writer s note within the story I was worried then that the story would not be well written because of this, but based on the the ratings, I decided [...]

  5. Even though the blurb indicates this book is best read after the other books in the series, I m glad I read it after Bran s story I remember thinking that I wish I knew about Holden and Yves history and that it might have even upped my enjoyment of Bran s story well, now I have it I loved this book I love the relationship between Holden and Yves I love that Holden is so smitten with his new slave and the idea of owning him that he can hardly contain himself I also love that Holden isn t afraid [...]

  6. OK I m definitly intriqued to see where this will go and I will review each individually for now This was really broken apart and skipped ahead toward the end in huge chunks I think I was expecting something way different I enjoyed it but still feel kinda like I missed something Yes it was short, but felt off not because of that This may change once I get to the next books 3.5 stars for me, closer to 3 thats why I went with the less stars.

  7. The moment when I realized I liked the books and LOVED the prequel This provides so much than fun hot times It s the backstory and foundation for all of the other books in the series The how and the why of Holden and explains a relationship that aged and seemed odd dating back to the first book I loved this insight While Holden and Bran were my one true pair I really see if Holden here and I loved it I want to reread the series now just to focus on Yves

  8. This is a collection of stories set before Bran s Story, chronicling Holden and Yves s relationship It begins with Holden buying Yves and ends with him making Yves a part of his will.It s a selection of one shots, so there isn t a great amount of cohesion between the parts I mean, they re all part of the same story, but, you know, things obviously jump around a lot This is all right when you understand that from the beginning, but lessened my enjoyment somewhat from the actual series Perhaps if [...]

  9. Now this was cute Reading about the young Holden and Yves coming together was lovely little piece We can definitely see the growth and maturity for both Holden and Yves in the later books I think this is what I liked best about this story It shows an unfinished couple who are starting the journey in their relationship Greta is a little twit I never liked her much in any of the stories I ve read so far Reading about her in this prequel cemented it I don t see what anyone sees so great about her S [...]

  10. I liked those little stories, because I love Yves, he s my absolutely favorite character in the series, and it was great to find out about him, and about his relations with Holden It still makes me question view spoiler Holden being a kind and loving master, he obviously shaped Yves into who he was, no doubt saved him from a much worse fate Still, did Yves owe him twenty years of his life for that I mean oh, my slave is a genius, he knows about math than I do, and I m so kind, I m letting him [...]

  11. I hesitated to read this because after the trilogy, it felt like would just shadow the overall impression that I had from the main story.And I didn t want to do that since the main story was just so delicious in so many ways.And it s not like this isn t nor do I doubt the others will be as well but it won t have the extra cohesive factor that I d approve of.Since this, and the other little shorts online haven t been integrated truly into the story, it distracts, I suppose no matter how lovingly [...]

  12. Loved this great, but somewhat short addition to the Slave Breakers series I just love Holden I wish he was real and mine This book gave us a bit of Holden and Yves background It starts when Holden and Alix acquire Yves Yves is strictly for Holden and this book tells about their first weeks as Master and Slave It s really interesting to see the mindset of Yves In face, it s an interesting aspect of all of the books I won t say much other than I wish there were of these Slave Breaker stories o [...]

  13. I read all of the other books last year and am finally reading this prequel And, I m so happy I did It explains a lot about Holden s relationship with Yves, who is considerably older in all of the other books And it makes Yves relationship with Bran and the others so much interesting Just knowing how his thinking and emotions evolved over time is so helpful I appreciate that the author took the time to do the backfill and enjoyed the way it was put together If you ve read the others in the seri [...]

  14. It was really nice to read the backdrop to Holden and Yves characters I loved seeing when Holden bought Yves and how their relationship evolved I really do wish these books were finished and re released because they are some of the best I have ever read This series was done by a very gifted writer This would be a good one to start with before Bran s story or even after Lee s story, it works either way.

  15. I really enjoyed this book and loved hearing about Yves Holden after reading Bran s story and being introduced to them Their relationship is amazing, and even though this genre is not my cup of tea, I like the storyline and enjoyed the m m relationship After getting to know Holden in the last book and so in this one, I may volunteer to be his slave too

  16. This Slave Breakers prequel is quite the treat I especially enjoyed getting to see Yves as a young, sweet boy rather than the experienced older man we see in the trilogy Seeing how Holden and Yves met and gradually fell in love was another particularly gratifiying experience A must read for fans of the series.

  17. This is actually a collection of many stories based on Holden and Yves before Holden ends up with 5 pretty boys to play with in his house I haven t read all of them, but most of them I did enjoy a lot of them, especially since it explained a bit of the missing history of their relationships.

  18. I started this series with Bran s Story, then read this segment I really enjoyed reading about the beginning of Holden and Yves relationship I especially enjoyed the paragraph style giving headings about different aspects that added to the depth of their love and feelings for each other I am looking forward to reading the next book in this series.

  19. 4.5 StarsI accidentally read this short after reading Bran s Story but in my opinion it worked out better that way It was nice to know who Holden and Yves were before learning how they became a couple A great addition to the series

  20. I didn t like this book I read the first and liked this one I felt as if I should just read it to get it over I thought that at least it would be a good sex scene but no sadly that didn t safe this book for me.

  21. This is a prequel to Bran s story about two of the main characters It was a lovely story that managed to fill in background but still felt fresh and interesting.

  22. LET OP The Early Years is a mini prequel tale in the Slave Breakers saga, but is best read AFTER the other stories in the series.

  23. More episodic than the previous stories these are vignettes, though at least they re in order Still wonderfully well written Love the series and will always want to see .

  24. Amazing, really builds up the backstory behind Holden and Yves Because, I mean, who doesn t love them How can you not love them

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