Way of the Wolf

Free Download Way of the Wolf - by E.E. Knight - Way of the Wolf, Way of the Wolf Louisiana A lot has changed in the rd year of the Kurian Order Possessed of an unnatural hunger the bloodthirsty Reapers have come to Earth to establish a New Order built on the harvesting of

  • Title: Way of the Wolf
  • Author: E.E. Knight
  • ISBN: 9781440625497
  • Page: 307
  • Format: ebook

Free Download Way of the Wolf - by E.E. Knight, Way of the Wolf, E.E. Knight, Way of the Wolf Louisiana A lot has changed in the rd year of the Kurian Order Possessed of an unnatural hunger the bloodthirsty Reapers have come to Earth to establish a New Order built on the harvesting of human souls They rule the planet And if it is night as sure as darkness they will come But on this pitiless world the indomitable spirit of man still breathes in LieuLouisiana Free Download Way of the Wolf - by E.E. Knight - Way of the Wolf, Way of the Wolf Louisiana A lot has changed in the rd year of the Kurian Order Possessed of an unnatural hunger the bloodthirsty Reapers have come to Earth to establish a New Order built on the harvesting of

  • Free Download Way of the Wolf - by E.E. Knight
    307E.E. Knight
Way of the Wolf

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    E.E. Knight Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Way of the Wolf book, this is one of the most wanted E.E. Knight author readers around the world.


  1. This is an exceedingly tricky review for me There s a lot I want to say, without taking up too much space This novel is a great amalgamation of post apocalyptic science fiction and horror It is the first book in the Vampire Earth series, which is thankfully a bit of a misnomer The Kurians are an alien race that can extend their lives indefinitely by feeding off human auras In order for them to harvest these auras, they have bred a genetically enhanced race of beings called Reapers who prey on hu [...]

  2. It s 2065 in this post apocalyptic and the world basically started to end 43 years ago when an alien race called the Kurians invaded Earth We replied with nukes and other solutions but all it did was hurt the planet The Kurians stay hidden in their fortifications mostly but their avatars known as Reapers do their bidding and they re a lot of like the mythological vampires Under the Reapers are their shock troops known as Grogs, engineered creatures with a majority being intelligent apes.And what [...]

  3. This was an excellent read, but I read it when it first came out a decade ago or so Since then I ve kept up with the series enjoyed it, but it was very nice to go back to it in audio format Excellent reader Knight does his own little foreword very short, sweet, to the point.This is the beginning of a journey in a really neat, very realistic world The vampires other monsters are not the normal UF or PNR fare at all, but of an SF take on it Our civilization has been shattered the way people are c [...]

  4. When I first saw Way of the Wolf on the shelf, I hesitated about buying it It didn t seem like my kind of book However, after years of people telling me I should read it, I finally decided to try it.It s an interesting book, certainly a unique take on well, practically everything It s part apocalyptic America , part vampire story, part army recruit in training A mix of many types of stories Certainly the way in which E.E Knight twisted the vampire story is intriguing So the ideas woven into the [...]

  5. Way of the Wolf Vampire Earth 1 by E.E Knight, is a terrifying, captivating futuristic action adventure with a hint of wry humor Like a classic L Amour western, the shy, canny, determined hero overcomes powerful opposition, and defends the weak Civilization fell fighting aliens that seek immortality by psychically draining life energy aura , through hooded vampiric night monsters, whose long scaled tongues stab through living hearts to drain blood A few gentle shape shifters from the same distan [...]

  6. This book has the distinction of being the first in a long time to work its way into my dreams Given the subject matter, they weren t fun dreams Thanks a lot, Knight Way of the Wolf is subtitled Book One of The Vampire Earth , and comes with a nice little tag phrase Welcome to the year 2065 Earth is under new management Vampire Earth is a little misleading Earth has been conquered by the alien Kurians, who feed on our life essences In order to feed, they created the Reapers nightmare creatures w [...]

  7. 4.0 stars Excellent first novel Very cool concept and excellent world building The various creatures as well as the political and civil organizations are well thought out and create a great basis for future stories A very fun read.

  8. The first in an interesting, post apocalyptic series The earth has been invaded the story unfolds from the POV of Valentine, a soldier in the resistance Exactly what invaded how is left a bit open We know they are the Kurians, but not what they look like or exactly what their abilities are Other creatures came with them our civilization was devastated with much of mankind becoming slaves food Half the interest of the series is that there aren t many certainties Odd creatures, a broken civilizati [...]

  9. 24.7.2015 3,5 Ono je t k popsat tuto knihu.Zaprv pokr v velk asov r mec Za co ji m m zatracen r da lov k r d vid , e p esto e je kniha ze s rie, probere se v jednom d lu po dn d j Zadruh styl psan L bil se mi Trochu m m tl Hlavn postava se zm nila z d t te v mlad ho mu e, co tak trochu prok ilo nry od n eho bl zko YA k postapo militantn fantasy Urbance Nejsem si jist , jak to za katulkovat.Ale chytilo m to Podobn p b hy, kdy jeden mak , aby se vy plhal v e, prokazuje svou cenu n m v ce, ne jen t [...]

  10. Post apocalyptic science fiction is one of my favorite sub genres Finding a good fantasy equivalent can sometimes be difficult, as it usually gets classified as science fiction E.E Knight s Way of the Wolf has vampires and magic, and clearly falls into the category of fantasy It also is about a post nuclear United States with aliens, and scattered communities of humanity fighting for survival It s a strange mix, but it all works out well.In the 2020 s a series of natural disasters struck earth, [...]

  11. I chose this book due to the recommendation of a fellow book blogger who never steers me wrong, and I m really glad I followed his advice This is the first of a series called The Vampire Earth series It is labeled as science fiction and, indeed, it does take place in the relatively near future 2065 but this one really mixes up the genres Lots of horror elements in here as well as mystical fantasy, militaristic adventure, and some good ol wild west heroics as well The story concerns David Valenti [...]

  12. I put this one downI didn t hate it.but I just lost interest I ll be the first to admit, maybe it s me, maybe I ve just read too many like this The book is a pretty standard post vampire apocalypse read with just a dash of modern zombie and a taste dystopian future thrown in for good measure I think my interest level started to drop or maybe finally dropped off to where disinterest set in when it became obvious we were dealing with not only a type of conquering vampire but also the now famous an [...]

  13. OK So, one day about a year ago i was walking through Barnes and Noble and i happen to notice this shelf of books with the title, E.E Knight s new cult following I am always a avid person of finding books before they become too huge Well i found out how great this series was.Now to give you a bit of a back round about me, I am ALMOST graduated with a degree in creative writing So i take reading good books very seriously and i have to admit he hasn t let me down yet I began reading about David Va [...]

  14. In the first book in a series E.E Knight follows the life of David Valentine who wants to make a difference in a world that has fallen into chaos.The year is 2065 and a lot has changed from our time David Valentine did not know what the world was like before the Kurian order He only knew what his father and mother told him But they are no longer able to share what they experienced as they have been killed by the New Order that has made its way to Earth Valentine has always know since that day he [...]

  15. The format in which this book is done is interesting I haven t come across this until now For a good part of the novel, you get what looks like short stories of Valentine s life before the actual plot begins I understand how some readers thought this wasn t the most perfect way to introduce the story However I thought it was not only different but a good way to introduce the main character, and his background, with background information about the setting in this way You follow Valentine through [...]

  16. The book takes place in 2065 The word has been taken over by an alien race called the Kurians They need to devour blood and auras to live longer They have bred Reapers to collect these for them The world is in shambles and a some people team together to try to fight them David Valentine is a young recruit who wants to avenge his parents death at their hands but also winds up wanting to avenge others like him In order to succeed they get extra powers wolflike to help them in this pursuit The Ligh [...]

  17. The series had a few intriguing ideas I liked the shamans modifying humans into somewhat superhuman wolves, cats, bears The aliens taking over the earth was a fun version of apacolypse for once we didn t destroy ourselves.I read most of the series because a friend had lent me all of them and they are a quick read I was entertained by the first book, Way of the Wolf, but the second book was exactly the same as the first, and the third as like the previous two, and well you get the idea The writin [...]

  18. This book is one of the first post apocalyptic Vampire book that I ve truly loved The reasons I loved this book are that it is a book about undying hope and determination even in the depths of fear and predation The main character, Lt David Valentine, is not your typical save the world type hero, the reluctant warrior who when faced with a helpless opponent shows mercy, he is a killer, a man unafraid to kill for the greater good of humanity He is the hero for a new age, A dark warrior with his o [...]

  19. People who know me know well that I love me a good vampire story one of my wife s Christmas gifts to me was the Buffy the Vampire Slayer comic book collection So it should probably come as no surprise that I plowed right through this book and plan on reading the other books in the series in quick succession though I may not review them all Although it took a bit of suspension of disbelief to get past the alien gate traveler vampiric aura consumer thing, it turned out to be an interesting twist o [...]

  20. The title is a bit deceptive, probably to capitalize on the current vampire craze Vampires light like Edward wouldn t last ten minutes in this world one can only wish that they fared as poorly in ours The vampires here are an alien invasion force that has ushered in an apocalypse and enslaved much of humanity Knight melds elements of horror, sci fi, and military fiction into a well developed imagining of the future Strong characters, plenty of action Some dark and disturbing momentsn t let your [...]

  21. In this post apocalyptic tale civilization has not ended altogether there is a regressed farm based slowly declining dystopic society ruled by alien vampires and a patchwork of societies that enjoy various levels of freedom and prosperity I don t recall being annoyed by any glaring inconsistencies in this new world Too much emotional distance between the reader and Valentine depleted the story of tension, suspense, and a general feeling of involvement Still the action sequences were engaging eno [...]

  22. Way of the Wolf is the first book in one of the best vampire series ever The story is very complex, original and ambitiously written It definitely has a military touch and fighting and battle in it, which I usually don t read and would think of as male books But this one also spends a lot of time to describe the characters, their motivations and feelings You should really give it a try You may also check out the author s website which presents further background information to the vampire earth [...]

  23. Although I expected from this story in the way of high adventure I still enjoyed it.This is simply a story of a young man and his journey as he goes from hiding into fighting the Kurians who have been ruling Earth for 40 yrs.It reads as a rebel service primer for wannabe heroes but the details are still interesting I will probably read 2 in this series in the hopes that the MC creates inter personal relationships and has a bit excitement.

  24. I really liked this book The only thing that kept me from giving it 5 stars is I felt it needed a bit of editing, there were some parts that were just too long and seemed to just be the author indulging them self and not necessary But other than that a very good read.

  25. I have enjoyed this entire series The Way of the wolf is the 1st If you enjoy apocalyptic fiction this is a good and light read It has life energy sucking vampires, world shattering plagues and real politic They are light reading about 4 hrs a book for me but good escapist fiction

  26. The confusing action sequences and mismatched narrative fails what is otherwise an intriguing and interesting story.

  27. Pretty good, different outlook on vampires As different from Edward Cullen and Twilight as the movie 30 days of night.More or less an adventure novel Enjoyable escape

  28. A fast paced and easy read Not great literature but fun and light Appeals to the 14 year old boy in me that loves Firefly, Torchwood, and other such awesome nonsense.

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