Last Exit In New Jersey

[PDF] Last Exit In New Jersey | by ↠ C.E. Grundler - Last Exit In New Jersey, Last Exit In New Jersey Nice young ladies really shouldn t be dumping bodies at sea But that isn t stopping Hazel Moran and she still can t figure out why anyone thinks she s nice to begin with Raised aboard a schooner and

  • Title: Last Exit In New Jersey
  • Author: C.E. Grundler
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 424
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Last Exit In New Jersey | by ↠ C.E. Grundler, Last Exit In New Jersey, C.E. Grundler, Last Exit In New Jersey Nice young ladies really shouldn t be dumping bodies at sea But that isn t stopping Hazel Moran and she still can t figure out why anyone thinks she s nice to begin with Raised aboard a schooner and riding shotgun in her father s old wheeler there s little on the road or water that she can t handle it s her people skills that need work Normally that s not an issueNice [PDF] Last Exit In New Jersey | by ↠ C.E. Grundler - Last Exit In New Jersey, Last Exit In New Jersey Nice young ladies really shouldn t be dumping bodies at sea But that isn t stopping Hazel Moran and she still can t figure out why anyone thinks she s nice to begin with Raised aboard a schooner and

  • [PDF] Last Exit In New Jersey | by ↠ C.E. Grundler
    424C.E. Grundler
Last Exit In New Jersey

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    I ve spent far too much time around boats and trucks, sailing, working on engines and generally not behaving according to expectations A life long resident of New Jersey, I ve grown up on and around boats, sailed the region s waters single handed since childhood, and done a little of everything from boat restorations and repairs to managing a boatyard and working in commercial marine transportation My work has been published in Boating on the Hudson, Offshore Magazine and DIY Boat Owner Magazine I divide my time between working on Annabel Lee, my 32 trawler, and writing I m currently moving ahead with the next book in this series, No Wake Zone.


  1. What do you get when you have too many red herrings A A messy kettle of fish.Twenty year old Hazel Moran is introduced to us aboard the schooner Witch just after she has killed a man The jarring part of the narrative, however, is that her father and his friend, Joe, are in the process of disposing of the body at sea, while Hazel replays the entire scene in her mind This is a world of insularity vigilante justice is acceptable and often preferred Loyalty always trumps legality.I had mixed feeling [...]

  2. It was a relief to finish this book The title specifically mentioned that it was a thriller I guess they had to do that because the reader wouldn t know otherwise The whole book just seemed to drag forever Even with the big reveal at the end which for me was this book s only redemption , I still felt that there were some bits and pieces of the story that got lost along the way or probably it was too jumpy I was not really able to follow.There is still a sequel, but I m not bothering any.

  3. Great book with a sequel in the works If you like heroines that are strong with hidden vulnerabilities, mysterious men, and boats, cars, and trucks you ll love this action thriller I grew up where this book takes place, the author did as well The settings are real, the boats and cars accurately described.

  4. The book begins with an introduction to a protagonist who, by all rights, should be wholly unlikable She is rude, egocentric, antisocial, judgmental, and than a little bit of a sociopath It is a great demonstration of Grundler s skill that the girl ended up drawing my compassion, as well as a begrudging sort of affection Her character, in all its flawed glory, was revealed through the choices that she made, and I found myself caught between marveling at her MacGyver esque skills and feeling com [...]

  5. What a good book And darkly humorous too boot Hazel made me laugh until my stomach hurt And someone did try to hurt Hazel Moran, since she is out on the water with a dead guy on board The dead guy FINALLY convinced her father that someone tried to kill her when her Miata ended up in the drink She feels bad that she killed the man, but it had to be done Her cousin, Micah, is missing so is the Morans truck Intuition People are chasing Hazel and her Dad on land and sea But why And why did Micah ste [...]

  6. The Last Exit in New Jersey is an action packed story that deftly weaves unconventional characters into a darkly intriguing thriller Grundlers intricate plot is tightly constructed as Hazel Moran finds herself caught in a deadly tangle of smugglers, thieves and killers The story moves forward at a brisk pace with moments of brutal and explosive action as Hazel tries to evade the shadowy figures targeting her family while hunting for her missing cousin The plot is intricately layered and while, i [...]

  7. Hazel Moran is only twenty years old, two weeks shy of her twenty first birthday when she takes a long drive off of a short pier with her car She tells her dad that someone was trying to kill her, but he tells her to stop lying quit being so melodramatic.So when a man in the shadows attacks Hazel while she is in her bunk on their schooner, she uses her sewing shears to protect herself She wants to tell her dad she told him so, but is too traumatized to do so Her dad takes care of the body in the [...]

  8. I think C.E Grundler writes like a house afire, and creates amazing characters I hope to see much from her No one else is writing books quite like this one Hazel Moran is at the same time likable and just a bit crazy, especially when it comes to how to handle the mysterious people who are threatening her family and friends Grundler handles the characters and their unfolding stories quite deftly, and with love She will certainly be a top author in her field someday, or there s no justice.What co [...]

  9. With the opening line of Nice young ladies really shouldn t be dumping bodies at sea , you really can t help but be pulled into the story of Hazel, a strong willed, 20 year old who is searching for her cousin who is missing Between the dead bodies of the guys who come after her, looking for something she doesn t have and trying to figure out who she can trust, she must protect her father She is chased up and down the eastern coastline on a boat she captains and swerves around the corners of the [...]

  10. I m going to start by saying that I deducted a star for being a bit convoluted confusing I found myself having to stop in the final scenes to consciously sort out the folks who had appeared earlier Moreover, it was a bit gory as well Then again, I m not much for thrillers, so perhaps this is normal and it s just me That having been said I really, really liked the book Hazel and Hammon Otto make a truly compelling set of parallel protagonists, such that alternating between the two meant double th [...]

  11. Why didn t Hazel listen to her father Why did her father treat her like a kid I feel I have wasted my time reading a book about a father and a daughter who didn t trust each other enough, which led to a lot of complications, and voila, this novel I kept waiting till the end hoping for something to rescue these questions that kept haunting me But, alas, I was hoping against hope 2 stars because, at least, the writing is not all that bad And I liked Micah s character.Completely avoidable mess Basi [...]

  12. The problems I had with this book were confusing as it jumped around a lot, led the reader throughout the entire book knowing that there is something you don t know but will learn at the end I prefer there being a surprising twist at the end, not a foreshadowed twist the heroin was impulsive and resorted to violence immediately I could not find myself to root for her very much With all that said, the ending was very good I just wish it was easier to get to that point It felt like the author had [...]

  13. I m surprised at how much I enjoyed this bargain for my Kindle I m from NJ, so the geography was very familiar, as well as the nautical terminology and environs But the big surprise here is the excellent writing, and the characterizations, and the interesting characters Nobody is a cliche here, and this is a really creative story I can t recommend it enough if you re looking for something interesting.

  14. There was not one character in this book I liked or found realistic Nothing that happened made any sense in terms of actual behavior Strangely the story was still compelling just disappointing an editor saying WAIT WHAT A few times could have made this worth something.

  15. I tried to read this book in fits and starts for well over a year, and just could not get into it A few good characters and a well developed setting, but SLOW SLOW SLOW So slow Not really worth the amount of time I had to put into it.

  16. I m reading this for the 2015 Ultimate Reading Challenge category set in your hometown I grew up in Union County, NJ Literally millions MILLIONS of other people grew up there, too JUDY BLUME was born and raised in Union County Was I able to find a book specifically set in Union County Why, no, of course not I found a bunch of murder mysteries set in Newark, but that sounded a lot grittier than my suburban childhood I found Last Exit, which promised to involve driving all over the state, so that [...]

  17. For me, the mark of a good noir is the ability to render relatable and interesting characters who wouldn t be under any other circumstances Last Exit in New Jersey stars a truly motley crew with so many twists and turns in the plot it required full attention to keep everything straight At the end, though, much like the trucks that feature so prominently in the story, the finale isn t afraid to mow you down it was intense.Set against the backdrop of the New Jersey coast and all its relevant highw [...]

  18. Growing up on New Jersey s Raritan Bay, I fell in love with boats Sailboats, rowboats, cabin cruisers it didn t matter Boats represented freedom, adventure and mystery, access to all those Jersey waterways that I could only explore on a map Sadly, I never had a boat, unless a halved propane tank or a raft of leashed driftwood counted By the time I could have acquired a boat, my passions had been redirected to cars boats with wheels and girls C.E Grundler s novel Last Exit in New Jersey is probab [...]

  19. Last Exit in New Jersey pulled me in from the first page with a really terrific opening scene The action never stops as main character Hazel sets out first to find her missing cousin and later to protect herself and her family from a vicious killer or killers The plot is complicated and there are at least three separate groups involved at cross purposes Sometimes Hazel is the hunter and sometimes the hunted One minute she has the upper hand and the next she is bound hand and foot Another main ch [...]

  20. About two pages into this, I almost put this down well, removed it from my carousel but that doesn t sound as compelling , thinking it was going to be gory, violent, and use shock value instead of plot If you notice the start end dates, you ll see I obviously got pretty quickly beyond that and tore through the book And here s the thing it wasn t bad, I didn t notice the writing this is a good thing to me in a novel if I m noticing your sentence structure, you re doing something wrong , there wer [...]

  21. Twenty year old Hazel Moran is on the run, but she s not quite sure who she is on the run from or why All she knows is that her best friend and cousin is missing and she and her father have received death threats As her father desperately tries to protect his daughter, Hazel has a mind of her own and her first priority is to find her cousin She takes off on her own and meets up with some very unsavory characters including a young troubled man who falls in love with her Unfortunately, Hazel s not [...]

  22. Last Exit in New Jersey is a mystery or thriller, but with qualities mixed in that are common to noir the frequent dead bodies and the character s attitude about them for one thing and even horror one of the major characters feels like he d fit well in a horror novel When I encounter a mix like this, I find myself off balance in a good way I m never convinced that I know where the story is headed, because the typical genre conventions and formulas I would normally expect to be followed, don t s [...]

  23. Overall Feedback Sit back and let the bodies fall in the Atlantic From the very beginning this one has you on the edge of your seat and wondering WTF We find ourselves twisted in plots that are twisted into others and the only way out is no mercy Our main character must do what she must do to survive, protect and unravel the mystery.Point of View Told from Hazel Moran s pov You follow her and her decisions and actions that must be made or taken to find out what is happening and why The author do [...]

  24. I meant to say something about this book earlier, I really did I finished it a few weeks ago and I talked about it to another member and I guess that made me feel that I had reviewed it I d give it 3 1 2 stars if I could I liked the book, especially the beginning The first part of the book had me grinning It was weird and I was scratching my head for the first few chapters Then when I saw what was happening, I liked it It was a refreshing approach to the main protagonists But as for the storylin [...]

  25. I am stumped I found the story and the mystery involved totally engrossing The I can t wait to get back to my book kind of engrossing However, as someone else said, there aren t a lot of people to like in this book most of the way through I personally thought it picked up about 20% of the way in and after that HOLD ON AND PAY ATTENTION What I found hard to deal with is I felt like I needed to be an expert on all kinds of boats and all kinds of cars and trucks to really know what they were talkin [...]

  26. The start of this one hooked me and then it got confusing, was full of coincidences , kept the reader in the dark too long, way too long and then resolved it all at the end.The story held my interest most of the time but made my eyes cross when we were continually moved back and forth between the two main characters and trying to keep the periferal characters straight Hazel is a strong female with quite a skill set but she doesn t put 2 and 2 together as well as strong female characters from oth [...]

  27. Twenty year old Hazel Moran feels most comfortable at sea off the New Jersey shore or behind the wheel of a semi When her best friend and cousin suddenly goes missing she is thrown into a murderous plot that thickens with every turn of the page Last Exit in New Jersey is entertaining, and moves at a dizzying clip It suffers from over plotting and was ultimately a little too dark for my taste However, I developed a new appreciation for New Jersey reading this, and can no longer consider it just a [...]

  28. Very good story I got a little lost in some of the boat boating descriptions, but that s probably due to my own ignorance of all things nautical, and it did not distract from the action of the story I particularly enjoyed the Annabel character and was genuinely surprised by her true nature and where she came from The book was advertised as being filled with twists and turns and it than lived up to that billing Definitely worth reading and I recommend it to anyone that enjoys a good story.

  29. Confusing in the beginning Author jumps around a lot and you really have no idea who anyone is or what is going on Even by the end of the book, I still don t know how certain parts fit into the puzzle It was just a jumbled mess that leads you to a surprise ending To the books credit, the ending was amazing Though it had absolutely nothing to do with all the drama that occurred in between But maybe that was the point Witty dialogue, which I enjoyed Plenty of details about boats and trucks so if y [...]

  30. Although this was often OTT, this was a highly enjoyable story of Hazel, raised and home schooled by her father, and his assistant and partner in a trucking boat moving business Her path intersects with an odd loner named Hammon and a man named Stevenson who may or may not be a good guy Much of the plot hinges on Hazel being deliberately kept in the dark at certain points, and some of the actions of her father seem inexplicably dense, but it s a good adventure, and interesting characters.

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