The Great Santini

Free Read The Great Santini - by Pat Conroy - The Great Santini, The Great Santini Step into the powerhouse life of Bull Meecham He s all Marine fighter pilot king of the clouds and absolute ruler of his family Lillian is his wife beautiful southern bred with a core of velvet st

  • Title: The Great Santini
  • Author: Pat Conroy
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  • Page: 308
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Free Read The Great Santini - by Pat Conroy, The Great Santini, Pat Conroy, The Great Santini Step into the powerhouse life of Bull Meecham He s all Marine fighter pilot king of the clouds and absolute ruler of his family Lillian is his wife beautiful southern bred with a core of velvet steel Without her cool head her kids would be in real trouble Ben is the oldest a born athlete whose best never satisfies the big man Ben s got to stand up even fStep into the power Free Read The Great Santini - by Pat Conroy - The Great Santini, The Great Santini Step into the powerhouse life of Bull Meecham He s all Marine fighter pilot king of the clouds and absolute ruler of his family Lillian is his wife beautiful southern bred with a core of velvet st

  • Free Read The Great Santini - by Pat Conroy
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The Great Santini

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    Pat Conroy 1945 2016 was the New York Times bestselling author of two memoirs and seven novels, including The Prince of Tides, The Great Santini, and The Lords of Discipline Born the eldest of seven children in a rigidly disciplined military household, he attended the Citadel, the military college of South Carolina He briefly became a schoolteacher which he chronicled in his memoir The Water Is Wide before publishing his first novel, The Boo Conroy lived on Fripp Island, South Carolina until his death in 2016.


  1. Pat Conroy is one of those writers who can write only one story John Irving and Amy Tan come to mind, as well Conroy seems obsessed with the idea of a Southern family trying to navigate the high school experiences of a sensitive son and a smartass daughter Again there is the angry, abusive father and the rather ineffective mother who is mostly concerned about what the neighbors think Again there are themes of forgiveness and redemption and racial tension Again someone gets raped Again there are [...]

  2. Pat Conroy s thinly disguised autobiographical tale featuring Bull Meecham a hardcore Marine fighter pilot as the domineering and abusive husband and father of an oft relocating military family The story is told by eldest son Ben, a teenager in the 1950 s who is never quite able to appease his father and is often called on to defend his mother Lillian a gentile southern woman who tries to offer up some balance in harsh times The book is hard to read at times, though Conroy was a master storytell [...]

  3. Description Step into the powerhouse life of Bull Meecham He s all Marine fighter pilot, king of the clouds, and absolute ruler of his family Lillian is his wife beautiful, southern bred, with a core of velvet steel Without her cool head, her kids would be in real trouble Ben is the oldest, a born athlete whose best never satisfies the big man Ben s got to stand up, even fight back, against a father who doesn t give in not to his men, not to his wife, and certainly not to his son Bull Meecham is [...]

  4. The story of Bull Meecham, a Marine pilot, and his complex relationships with family and The Corps.Pat Conroy is an amazing writer The Houston Chronicle is quoted on the back of my book as saying Reading Pat Conroy is like watching Michelangelo paint the Sistine Chapel, and I don t think I could articulate the experience any better I laughed until tears ran down my face and in the same chapter I cried for the sheer pain the characters experienced The Great Santini is Bull Meecham And throughout [...]

  5. I ll say upfront that The Great Santini holds the title for the best book I ve read this year and has a very good chance of retaining that title all year Santini is the late Pat Conroy s first novel and he always claimed that it is largely autobiographical In fact, in his penultimate book, The Death of Santini The Story of a Father and His Son, Conroy describes his actual life with his family and his father, Marine fighter pilot Col Don Conroy, the original Great Santini This nickname even appea [...]

  6. Of all the Conroys I ve read so far, this is my least favorite The book jacket describes Bull Meacham as someone you should hate but will wind up loving, anyway but that was not my experience I found very little loveable about The Great Santini The thing that amazed me was how brave his family was on those occasions when they stood up to him While I don t doubt he loved his family, and maybe was even proud of them in a way, he was domineering and controlling and sometimes downright cruel in his [...]

  7. Re read this with On the Southern Literary Trail The difference from reading this as a young woman with family in the military, and then as an older woman after serving in the Navy as an officer and also being married to a Naval officer and raising kids both while on active duty for 12 years as a dependent wife overseas gave me so many different perspectives I went through training, I served with Marines, I went to chief s initiations, officer happy hours, Mess Dinners, Navy Marine Corps birthda [...]

  8. I saw the movie before I read the book Pat Conroy is the master of the low country when it comes to fiction Like his character in this book, he moved there as a Marine Corps brat and his father was stationed at Marine Air Station Beaufort I lived on Hilton Head, on the Intracoastal for several years and the ferry to Dafuskie Island passed by every day and I could see the island to the south along the water Conroy taught on Dafuskie The Water Is Wide and people there still remember him as a teach [...]

  9. Pat Conroy 1945 2016 was one of America s most acclaimed and widely read authors and the New York Times bestselling writer of eleven novels and memoirs Although a fictional novel, Pat Conroy s writing was heavily influenced by his personal life experiences THE GREAT SANTINI depicts a Marine Corps pilot who is a domineering father often physically and emotionally abusive to his children This is an intense, dramatic, passionate and sometimes humorous read It was made into a major film 4 stars

  10. I enjoyed this unevenly crafted coming of age tale of growing up in the south in the 60 s On one level this is an examination of one family s struggle to love a hard to love father who never learned to show the love he so obviously had for his children On another level, I think that this book is just Pat Conroy s way of making some money off the therapy work he so obviously needed In the early chapters its made clear why this maverick fighter pilot is hated but as the story continues, and despit [...]

  11. I saw the movie before I read the book, and it was the first time I saw my experiences as a military brat played out in a work of fiction I recognized the shifting family dynamics and the insistence on appearances to the exclusion of all else I experienced the warrior culture, the comradeship of a family in opposition to the world every time we transfered, too, and moves from one alien environment to another My dad was no Bull Meecham, but he was a piece of work Conroy helps me remember.

  12. Lt Col Bull Meecham is a Marine fighter pilot No he is the GREATEST Marine Fighter Pilot Just ask his family or any of the men serving under him This novel gives us a glimpse of one Marine s family Lillian is the gentle, Southern born wife who tempers her husband s erratic drive with a cool, steady demeanor She is the buffer between Bull and their children But as their first born, Ben, moves toward high school graduation, he is increasingly at odds with his father No matter how he excels at spor [...]

  13. Pure poetry I am stunned by the author s powers of description They say a good writer can describe anything the most boring, innate object that you are most disinterested in and there were a few of those in this book and captivate and mesmerize you Well, Pat Conroy talked about subjects I didn t have a care in No offense to Mr Conroy or anyone else, I lived in SC after moving here from Iran via Turkey for one too many years It was a culture shock on so many levels that it has left a permanent ma [...]

  14. I love Pat Conroy two of his books, The Prince of Tides South of Broad, are among my favorites of all time Sadly, I couldn t get into this one.

  15. Pat Conroy is a master story teller and one of the best descriptive authors around His use of words is so good, sometime I find myself reading a passage a couple of times so to savor it This is the third Conroy book I have read and they all have some very dark elements within the story But there is much beauty as well, especially in how he relates to the American South Many years ago I had the opportunity to meet Pat Conroy and speak with him He was a speaker at a small marketing conference in C [...]

  16. As is usual these days I experience this book in the audible format following along with the e book This is the most impressive audible performance that I can recall Easily a five star audible rating.One of my rules is that if a book makes me cry I give it five stars I break that rule for the first time I think with this work When excuse is that I didn t really cry although I did have during a verbal Confrontation between father and son have pretty moist eyes and that feeling in my throat I was [...]

  17. When I started reading this book, I wanted to take Bull Meechum and beat the daylights out of him He was a brute, could be very violent at times and a father all rolled into one Everyone in his family feared him including his wife The story depicted the life of a family whose father was a marine fighter pilot The abuse suffered from their father to each family member, molded each of them differently but brought them close together The Meechum family Bull, Lillian their mother , Ben oldest child [...]

  18. I love this book and think it is one of the hysterical novels I have read, yet everytime I try to explain what is funny about it to people I get weird looks.I have the feeling, that to enjoy this book to the degree I have, one must have experienced a scary parent Not necessarily an abusive one, or some sort of criminal, but one that allows their children to grow up in an environment where morbid humor rules all.

  19. Conroy said his mother told the judge at her divorce hearing that he wouldn t need to call any of the children to testify for her She gave him a copy of this book and said, this is all you need to know Santini is bigger than life, fascinating, abusive, mercurial Santini WAS Conroy s father Conroy got the last word.

  20. Bull Meecham is undoubtedly Pat Conroy s most explosive character a man you should hate, but a man you will love cover summaryI did not love him, there was only hate in my heart.

  21. INCREDIBLY GOOD STORYTELLING In war, there ain t no morals There are just winners, losers, and those that got their asses fried sunny side up page 205Pat Conway s novel, THE GREAT SANTINI, is amazingly well constructed and well written A very engaging and compelling read Protagonist, Marine, Fighter Pilot, Yankee, Irish, Catholic, Bull Meecham, is a character out of time and place, who is hard not to like and equally hard, or harder, not to dislike A warrior without a war A bull in the china sho [...]

  22. Great book in my opinion It is well written, funny, compelling and unfortunately, very close to reality for many military kids There is a dominant marine father, a beautiful Southern Belle for a wife and 3 smart ass kids who are constantly trying to appease their father while trying not to be abused by him, mentally and physically The writing is superb You could open to the book to any page and find evidence of the outstanding writing The plot is time driven over the senior year of our hero, a b [...]

  23. I gave it the old Air Force try At about page 33 I told myself that I would read to page 100, just to give it a chance I literally dropped it about page 70 Just couldn t do any .It may have a good story line, as many people obviously enjoy the book But I just couldn t get past the flat characters, insipid dialogue, and uninspired writing It s not that I can t handle unlikable characters cf Wuthering Heights , it s that I m not willing to put up with bad writing.Unfortunately I picked up Wallace [...]

  24. Roz,I am envious This is one my favorite authors and I love every single book especially this one DOn t see the movie, though, it is well acted but not true to the book Enjoy Liz

  25. This is the first book I ve read by Pat Conroy WOW I had an uncle who was a career Marine Bull Meachum the Gret Santini remined me ofmy uncle My aunt and two male cousins reminded me of Mechum s family Constantly ealking in eggshelss around him and knowing instinctively what would set him off and what your role was and the consequences for not obeying the very abusive family dynamic Gave me the creeps to be around my uncle when I was a young kid I had that same feeling while reading this book Co [...]

  26. This book and story took me back to another time in my life I first read the book circa 1978 79 on a cot in the desert of a God forsaken place called 29 Palms MCB the stumps as we called it back then I was a young lieutenant in the Marine Corps at that time The book recalled all the marines I once knew and grand traditions such as Friday afternoon officer calls drinking , Marine Corps balls, mess nights and the esprit de corps Good times I think I enjoyed the second reading of this book than th [...]

  27. Ellyn StangaroneMs WheelerHonors English 230 August 2009Book ReviewThe Great SantiniAfter reading this book one feels like they actually grew up in a Marine Family The book The Great Santini, by Pat Conroy, is one of the best books I have ever read Pat Conroy is the 1 New York Times best selling author This book shows us the life of children growing up as military brats The main characters are Bull the marine father, Lillian the mother, Ben the oldest child, Mary Anne the second child, Karen the [...]

  28. Reading this book made me realize what kind of Dad I don t want to be The Great Santini is Bull Beacham, marine pilot, father to four kids, the oldest being Ben Conroy does a great job illuminating the life of a military family Maybe this is a typical family at least from that time period, but it is still a compelling read Bull Meacham is loyal to being a marine fighter pilot first and to his family second He rules his house like he rules his squadron, his rule is law Which for him means that he [...]

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