Light Lifting

Light Lifting Best Download || [Alexander MacLeod] - Light Lifting, Light Lifting Engrossing thrilling and ultimately satisfying each story has the weight of a novel The EconomistThis was the day after Mike Tyson bit off Evander Holyfield s ear You remember that It was a moment in

  • Title: Light Lifting
  • Author: Alexander MacLeod
  • ISBN: 9781897231944
  • Page: 272
  • Format: Paperback

Light Lifting Best Download || [Alexander MacLeod], Light Lifting, Alexander MacLeod, Light Lifting Engrossing thrilling and ultimately satisfying each story has the weight of a novel The EconomistThis was the day after Mike Tyson bit off Evander Holyfield s ear You remember that It was a moment in history not like Kennedy or the planes flying into the World Trade Center not up at that level This was something much lower like Ben Johnson back when his Engrossing thrilling and u Light Lifting Best Download || [Alexander MacLeod] - Light Lifting, Light Lifting Engrossing thrilling and ultimately satisfying each story has the weight of a novel The EconomistThis was the day after Mike Tyson bit off Evander Holyfield s ear You remember that It was a moment in

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  • Light Lifting Best Download || [Alexander MacLeod]
    272 Alexander MacLeod
Light Lifting

About "Alexander MacLeod"

  1. Alexander MacLeod

    Alexander MacLeod is a Canadian writer, whose debut short story collection Light Lifting was a shortlisted nominee for the 2010 Scotiabank Giller Prize.The son of noted Canadian novelist and short story writer Alistair MacLeod, he was born in Inverness, Nova Scotia and raised in Windsor, Ontario, where his father taught at the University of Windsor He currently lives in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, where he teaches at Saint Mary s University.


  1. Alexander MacLeod s debut collection of short fiction, drawn from 15 years of writing for literary magazines in Canada, tempts you to indulge in the kind of superlatives that might be counterproductive in the age of hype just how brilliant can it really be Well, pretty damn brilliant, actually Among the seven longish stories that make up this collection, there is not a single misstep This book is that good.These stories lead in one direction, dart down a side alley, and then return to themselves [...]

  2. I did not love this book the way everyone else did I think it was actually overhyped for me I ve read 15 short stories collections this year, and I think that had an influence on my enjoyment.That said, there is a lot that is right with this collection I like the sheer physicality and some of the stories were great However, I disliked his over use of sentence fragments and listing I could appreciate some of the technical aspects of the stories in this collection, but I didn t like it as much as [...]

  3. An excerpt from my review of Light Lifting in The Nervous Breakdown MacLeod draws on a wealth of specialized information about such wide ranging topics as parasites, running, and auto factories But it is his understanding of our extremes of endurance, the physical as a metaphor for the spiritual, which make Light Lifting a profoundly wise book.For the rest of the review, see thenervousbreakdown sh

  4. This is MacLeod s debut volume of short stories which was long listed for the Giller Prize in 2010.A collection of seven rather long, but beautifully written stories, they all have a tinge of sadness, violence or despair The short story format is not easy to write or to appreciate I have struggled with them for years, for the most part feeling dissatisfied with the resolution chosen by the author Although I did experience this with one of the stories Light Lifting , most had a satisfying conclus [...]

  5. I ve heard Macleod s prose described as muscular and it is that Perhaps I m not being fair to him, but I was disappointed by this collection Too many of the stories had indeterminate, abrupt endings that didn t seem to be thematically justified I m surprised this collection won the Giller But it didn t, as the commenter on this review points out it was shortlisted but didn t win Maybe that s what I meant was surprised it was shortlisted I m not really Thinking maybe I should read this collection [...]

  6. The first two stories are among the best pieces of short fiction I ve ever read, and the five that follow are only marginally less amazing Would it be ridiculous to call MacLeod Canada s finest current short story writer on the basis of just one published collection Because I m going to anyway Miracle Mile Wonder About Parents Light Lifting Adult Beginner 1 The Loop Good Kids The Number Three

  7. Didn t finish Didn t care for any of the stories that I finished first 3 until I got to somehow get into the story and feel anything other than annoyance to the characters, they just ended, mid scene almost mid sentence So abrupt I wasn t sure why the other stories I started and didn t care enough at all to continue with any of them So not for me.

  8. This is a collection of 7 short stories that rival the best of the form MacLeod centers them around people and situations that almost all of us think we know but he gives us the details that take us deeper At times, I laughed out loud and, at others, I raced through the pages because I was so worried about the central character that I had to see what happened Highly recommended.

  9. Fabulous, pithy, well observed and beautifully written short stories I continually hold this book up as an example of what short stories should be like.

  10. According to CTV, Light Lifting is a work of ferocious physicality and I think that pretty much sums it up From the beautiful athletic forms of mid distance runners Miracle Mile and lifeguards Adult Beginner I to the grotesque the baby diarrhea that soaks through a diaper from foot to neck in Wonder About Parents and the grapefruit sized hernia on the belly of the mostly naked Barney in The Loop people are described in unsparing terms, without judgement, their outsides often mirroring exactly wh [...]

  11. Light Lifting, Causing Some DisquietA vow was made some time ago that my reviews would reflect things I loved, or even liked a lot Something that caused mixed feelings were not factored in Hence, my hesitation over Light Lifting by Alexander MacLeod.This collection of short stories was recommended to me by my friends kveenly and rebeccahh95, who have excellent tastes in literature But I can t help feel something is missing from my understanding of this volume It was nominated for the Giller Awar [...]

  12. Shortlisted for both the 2010 Scotiabank Giller Prize and 2011 Commonwealth Prize, Alexander MacLeod s collection of short stories, Light Lifting, comes by its praises honestly It is the author s debut collection although the stories had already appeared in various literary magazines One newspaper reviewer called MacLeod an unexpectedly physical writer and an explorer of gritty masculinity and adrenalin fuelled anger he can also be surpassingly delicate The seven stories include Miracle Mile in [...]

  13. A very enjoyable collection of short stories, which were darker than some of the other short story collections I ve read, but the author does an excellent job at examining the human psyche, and creating stories of people at their best and worst moments in life There were a few times, the writing and ending of the story was almost haunting In both Miracle Mile and Adult Beginner I, Miracle Mile Both interesting stories, but the ending is both unexpected and gives you chills Especially Adult Begin [...]

  14. 4 stars is perhaps too many 3.5ish review laterI enjoyed many of the stories here, particularly the sport ones great one about running starts the book the preparation, dedication, how it feels to run, to swim And a couple of good growing up ones, accurate on the spite and indifference of adolescence A very sad one about the aftermath of a car accident closes the book But occasionally I felt the style inappropriate contrived or I couldn t get to grips with some of the characters So, 4 stars is a [...]

  15. Whereas it is possible that Alexander MacLeod once laid bricks for a living, it is unlikely that he also was a track star, almost drowned as a child, or worked the GM assembly line in Windsor However, so perfectly, deeply, does he take us to the belly of these experiences that lifting your head from the print is a disorienting experience He was shortlisted for the 2010 Giller for Light Lifting against an incredibly tough field He says it took him 13 years to write these seven stories, and I don [...]

  16. Wow, these stories are awfully well written Each one grabbed me and refused to let go My only complaint is one about short stories in general it bothers me to get attached to characters and to storylines only to have to let them go so quickly I will absolutely be rooting for Alexander MacLeod to write a novel In the meantime, I d recommend this collection But be warned, the author definitely seems to be drawn to themes of human frailty and the bleak aspects of life Not recommended for those look [...]

  17. I liked these stories very much I especially loved the title story and the way it did such a slow build to the climax that I almost thought I was going to escape without that punch at the end MacLeod uses the randomness of life to turn his stories but not without lulling you into comfort first My only caveat is to suggest you not read one after the other until you re finished As in many collections I found a sameness after a while, which doesn t mean that the stories themselves were the same, bu [...]

  18. Visceral Takes you right there, with the protagonists, feeling their fears, anxieties, pain and stress Probably the best story about parenting I ve read Wonder About Parents A gorgeous depiction of scattered medicine dependent shut ins The Loop from the perspective of an overburdened child A story of loss that s hard to imagine, yet perfectly wrought The Number Three The other four stories were also strong, but the endings left something to be desired Looking forward to reading from Alex.

  19. Light lifting just that little bit of weight just the weight that s in a couple bricks that s enough to grind you down Any kid can pick up a hundred pounds if they only have to do it one or two times But it s the light lifting that does the real damage These amazing gems of quotidian Canadian life are like mini thrillers Each one sets you on a path of ever increasing suspense as the omens loom into view and the inevitable creeps up on you until something snaps.

  20. Read this A truly great short story collection The first few stories in this book are amazing, especially Miracle Mile, which provides a look into what it s like to be at the bottom of the top You have to sign the same deal if you want to be good I mean truly good at anything Burner and I, all those other guys, we understood this We know all about it Every pure specialist is the same way so either you know what I m talking about or you do not.

  21. This book is a must read for anyone who loves short stories Each of the stories in this collection is brilliantly crafted When you finish reading a story and stop to reflect on a particular detail or story telling decision, everything makes perfect sense I loved this book and look forward to reading many books by this talented author.

  22. You know how some short stories just kind of end and you re not really sure what happened or why they ended where they ended Well, these stories are not like those stories The endings are delicious Every single one of them There s always a surprise on the last page, and even though you come to expect the surprise, you re still surprised.

  23. Unforgettable Amazing pacing and building of suspense Sustained ability to communicate fragility and vulnerability via mundane, coarse, or unenviable settings and stories Brilliant without whomping you over the head with its brilliance it creeps up on you, modestly and patiently, and at the end you will be haunted.

  24. Brilliant This is one of the best story collections I have ever read Moving, affecting, unexpected, poignant, vivid, at times unsettling A realist, no fuss style with a subtle poetic depth Bloody marvellous.

  25. A Big Bang for a small book of gems Beautifully written, it required little effort to read over the course of a week or two before bedtime.I recommend

  26. Kinetic stories where a lot is at stake, exquisitely and perceptively written I loved this book to pieces.

  27. These are five really sad stories, raw, intense MacLeod is great at the first person narrative that puts you inside the head and, significantly, inside the body of a character The best one for me was the Loop Also liked Adult Beginner 1.

  28. 2.5 StarsIt wasn t bad, it just wasn t my cup of tea and times then once I was confused not the I m reading a mystery confused, but the author s not being straightforward confused.

  29. Incredibly well written and constructed volume of short stories, sadly it made me remember that I don t really enjoy that genre

  30. The world that Alexander MacLeod s protagonists inhabit is not an easygoing or a comfortable one, it is a realistic one Set in different urban milieus, many of his characters are young, struggling to get ahead in life Some confront personal adversity, hoping for companionship or friendship, others attempt to find solace and even redemption With his debut story collection MacLeod exhibits an exquisite writing talent that succeeds in capturing, with precision and depth, both the inner workings of [...]

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