Free Read Obsessed - by Ted Dekker - Obsessed, Obsessed Stephen Friedman is making a good living in good times He s just an ordinary guy Or so he thinks But one day an extraordinary piece of information tells him differently It s a clue from the grave of a

  • Title: Obsessed
  • Author: Ted Dekker
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  • Page: 226
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Free Read Obsessed - by Ted Dekker, Obsessed, Ted Dekker, Obsessed Stephen Friedman is making a good living in good times He s just an ordinary guy Or so he thinks But one day an extraordinary piece of information tells him differently It s a clue from the grave of a Holocaust survivor A clue that makes him heir to an incredible fortune a clue that only he and one other man can possibly understand That man is Roth Braun a seriStephen Friedman is making Free Read Obsessed - by Ted Dekker - Obsessed, Obsessed Stephen Friedman is making a good living in good times He s just an ordinary guy Or so he thinks But one day an extraordinary piece of information tells him differently It s a clue from the grave of a

  • Free Read Obsessed - by Ted Dekker
    226Ted Dekker

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    Ted Dekker is known for novels that combine adrenaline laced stories with unexpected plot twists, unforgettable characters, and incredible confrontations between good and evil Ted lives in Austin with his wife LeeAnn and their four children.


  1. When Obsessed was published in 2005, I don t know if Ted Dekker was a household name He certainly hadn t gained the loyal fan base that he knows today It is a cult like following, in that his fans can be quite devisive at times, and they let their opinions of him and his work be known It is a fan base I m proud to be a part of, and I m not afraid of express myself I don t mention these things as filler or because they might or might not interest the reader though I d like to think I m not alone [...]

  2. From the beginning, I am very much curious about this book So I really searched first its author and found out that Ted Dekker the author is known for his book entitled Three However, since the copy I only saw from Dekker is just this book, I searched first for readers feedbacks Honestly, I ve been picking books up safely these days because eventually, I don t want to go bashing and ranting some poor books just because they hadn t made my taste I m glad that the feedbacks I ve read were all so f [...]

  3. A good read from start to finish The only reason I gave it an 8 was that some of the things Stephen Friedman does in this book just seem a little too far fetched Almost like watching those old scary movies where the high school girls decide to stay in the house even though there s an ax wielding psycho out to get them You know, the ones you kept screaming at to just get out of the house Come on, you know what I m talking aboutPublisher s SummaryStephen Friedman is making a good living in good ti [...]

  4. Another thrilling novel by Ted Dekker The plot was exciting from the first to the last page I enjoyed how Dekker flipped back and forth between the characters in 1973 and their parents during WWII to tell the entire story.

  5. This has been an addictive page turner It s kept me on pins and needles There were times where I couldn t bear to turn the page because I just didn t want to know if the character was going to encounter an ugly end, or a great success However I just had to keep going and read it because I really wanted to know what happened The action and the plot were well written and it just keeps you on edge It s been a very suspenseful plot and a very thrilling ride.Stephen as a character is what makes the s [...]

  6. Half of this book is terrific, the story of Martha and Ruth and their lives in the concentration camp, and worth reading for that It s gripping, suspenseful, heart wrenching, and worth a definite five stars I suspect those who rated it high did so because of that portion.Unfortunately, there s also Stephen s story that takes up the bulk of the novel and reverses the effect of all that beautiful storytelling with Martha Ruth Stephen s actions are quite illogical in many places, which made the maj [...]

  7. Whenever I read a Ted Dekker book, at some point I just sit back and shake my head He is nothing if not creative, but sometimes it s over the top People do things you never imagined people would do On the other hand, especially in this book, without that extreme imagination, you would never grasp the complete idea, obsession After all, God is obsessed with us and we need to be obsessed with Him So in light of that, I loved the book As always there were surprises, suspense, and periods of joy an [...]

  8. This seemed different to me than the other Dekker novels I have read Interesting, a bit slower, but different Maybe the topic of obsession just didn t connect with me or I just did not connect with characters as well as I have in the past but I had a hard time staying in sync with the choices made by almost all of the characters It just didn t seem feasible.That being said, this still ends up as an entertaining storyough you have to wait it out until the very endd I do appreciate the point that [...]

  9. This is a take your breathe away suspense thriller Dekker has outdone himself Slowly you are taken from mere interest, to understandable fanaticism, then ultimately a page turning ending This is not a book for the squimism Not a book for the faint hearted At times, I was almost sickened If I had not already known of the atrocities of the Holocaust, I may have put this book down somewhere in the middle But, these sadistic scenes just mirrored history and added great depth to the redeeming theme o [...]

  10. Dear book, maybe it s me and not you but lately I m looking for something really really fast Unfortunately, your pace was quite slow and your romance was too much for me But I always love the message of Ted s books, so I was quite delighted with yours.

  11. I am a Christian with Jewish heritage and I found the story itself intriguing However, the suspense was not really as present as it could have been and the ideas themselves could have been fleshed out I know that the Christian publishing market is tough on fiction and nonfiction writers To give people a glimpse of that, Philip Yancey wrote that he felt the pressures of the Christian publishing market are just as strict as the pressures the Soviet government had on the propaganda film makers I t [...]

  12. First off, I must say I found this novel by Ted much different than House or Skin In fact, as I was initially reading it, I though I had a different author I think it was because it started so slowly for me.It starts with a ruthless Holocaust Commandant and his son, Roth, discussing the death of a rescued female camp survivor, Ruth aka Martha at the camp , who died in the US and donated a Stone of David to a museum All of them together were worth millions and they were obsessed in getting them b [...]

  13. A thriller novel by a christian writer about WWII concentration camps, it sounded interesting and it wasat part of the novel was The story mainly follows 3 people In 1973 we have our hero stephen friedman, a jewish war orphan that slowly uncovers his past Roth braun, son of a nazi commandant of the concentration camp Tor n and then we also follow martha thats actually in the concentration camp in 1944 45 I really wanted to like this book then i did, it was a bit of a mixed bag, i loved the part [...]

  14. This is not the type of book that I normally read, which is why it probably got a three Also, I didn t really get the main character However, I did finish the book amazing for me I know because the plot was intriguing There were times where I felt like I was watching a movie where you start to hear the leary music because the bad guy is coming and you know somehow the good guy is going to get himself out of the pickle he got himself into I also liked that fact that this book was clean of languag [...]

  15. Sometimes Ted Dekker can move so quickly through his ideas that he loses me, but it never fails that I finally catch up to him in the end Aside from his captivating and thought provoking plot lines, such as this one, he has a style that grips me from start to finish Obsessed was, in accordance with the theme of the book, very dark The entire idea of Roth Braun literally chilled me, but I think that the point of the book, obsessing over something in order to reveal God s obsession, was made very [...]

  16. This was a mildly entertaining read, and a fairly quick read It didn t require a lot of thinking character development, plot complexity, etc were in short supply Very predictable and typical of the genre I have to say, the author was stretching the whole suspension of disbelief thing a bit too far with his use of obsession love Should have spent some time to fill out the characters better and put into the discussion of the occult practices being pursued by the villain s This isn t literary art [...]

  17. This is my first Ted Dekker book, and I must say, wow His writing style is excellent and there s always a turn or twist Nothing that was really horrid or shameful or anything that I d be embarrassed about if our teen daughter read it Held my interest without a problem Stephen, the protagonist, is a wee bit flaky, but he s lovable I m now officially a Dekker fan

  18. A very good story about, strangely, obsession Based on the parable the Kingdom of Heaven is like a Treasure hidden in a field What would you pay to get it Twists and unexpected turns make for a good read

  19. Another brilliant mind at work But the story line on this one is very disturbing I have to back away from it for awhile and then go at it again Finally made it through this one If you are prone to depression please do not read this book.

  20. This is the first book I ve read by Dekker It was a serendipitous experience He s definitely talented in allegorical writing This book had me laughing, crying and frustrated At one point I had to stop reading because my heart was pounding If there ever was a book that I wanted to transport myself into a scene and grab the character to pull him away from a situation, it was this book He just wouldn t get out of the building fast enough And even on further into the story, Stephen frustrated me to [...]

  21. I am a huge fan of Ted Dekker and his novels, but for me, this one wasn t my favorite of his The book s plot was intriguing enough to continue reading the book, but it s not one I would revisit The main reason why I wasn t overly obsessed with the novel ha is that I believe I hyped up the plot in my head too much When I read the back cover, I believed the novel to include a bit action than it did It did move fairly quickly, but not with the action I hoped I liked how it included chapters with t [...]

  22. It was a quick read but engaging I wondered if the title Obsessed meant than just the insane, well, obsession of the lead character Stephen sometimes seemed over the top fixated on what to me seemed an inexplicable need to uncover the mystery his late never before met mother, orchestrated for him to begin discovering upon her death At times I found what Rachel the mother did seemingly too chancy but then I let myself suspend belief because I needed the stars to align to keep reading Which I did [...]

  23. This book was awesome and very interesting I like how the bad guys had to work hard to try to get the fortune of the main character But what I didn t like about this book was the main character was almost killed for his fortune I like this book because there was action and you had to really read it to find out what was going on This book is one of my favorite books out of all of the books I ve read.

  24. Obsessed is probably my favorite Dekker novel It is written well and has some good historical truths I don t read Dekker much because I can t handle scary stuff, but this was a great read We listened to the audiobook on a long 15hr drive I highly recommend this book for those wanting a little scary, but tasteful, with a great storyline It will keep you on our toes.

  25. The forced romantic ending took it down from 5 to 4 stars A bit slow for my taste to be considered a thriller but it was a very compelling story line I most definitely enjoyed the back and forth between the settings and POVs.

  26. This book was pretty captivating It flipped POV and through lifetimes The way that everything connected and progressed kept me reading and looking forward to picking up the book again and again.

  27. Interesting book It s different from Dekker s scary or suspenseful fare I think this would make a good movie.

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