The Fu Manchu Omnibus 1

[PDF] The Fu Manchu Omnibus 1 | by ✓ Sax Rohmer - The Fu Manchu Omnibus 1, The Fu Manchu Omnibus Since Sax Rohmer s tales of the sinister Dr Fu Manchu and his arch enemy Nayland Smith have entertained readers This omnibus includes The Mystery of Fu Manchu The Devil Doctor and The Si Fan Mys

  • Title: The Fu Manchu Omnibus 1
  • Author: Sax Rohmer
  • ISBN: 9780749002718
  • Page: 184
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] The Fu Manchu Omnibus 1 | by ✓ Sax Rohmer, The Fu Manchu Omnibus 1, Sax Rohmer, The Fu Manchu Omnibus Since Sax Rohmer s tales of the sinister Dr Fu Manchu and his arch enemy Nayland Smith have entertained readers This omnibus includes The Mystery of Fu Manchu The Devil Doctor and The Si Fan Mysteries [PDF] The Fu Manchu Omnibus 1 | by ✓ Sax Rohmer - The Fu Manchu Omnibus 1, The Fu Manchu Omnibus Since Sax Rohmer s tales of the sinister Dr Fu Manchu and his arch enemy Nayland Smith have entertained readers This omnibus includes The Mystery of Fu Manchu The Devil Doctor and The Si Fan Mys

  • [PDF] The Fu Manchu Omnibus 1 | by ✓ Sax Rohmer
    184 Sax Rohmer
The Fu Manchu Omnibus 1

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  1. Sax Rohmer

    AKA Arthur Sarsfield Ward real name Michael Furey.Arthur Henry Sarsfield Ward 15 February 1883 1 June 1959 , better known as Sax Rohmer, was a prolific English novelist He is best remembered for his series of novels featuring the master criminal Dr Fu Manchu.Born in Birmingham to a working class family, Rohmer initially pursued a career as a civil servant before concentrating on writing full time.He worked as a poet, songwriter, and comedy sketch writer in Music Hall before creating the Sax Rohmer persona and pursuing a career writing weird fiction.Like his contemporaries Algernon Blackwood and Arthur Machen, Rohmer claimed membership to one of the factions of the qabbalistic Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn Rohmer also claimed ties to the Rosicrucians, but the validity of his claims has been questioned His physician and family friend, Dr R Watson Councell may have been his only legitimate connection to such organizations It is believed that Rohmer may have exaggerated his association in order to boost his literary reputation as an occult writer.His first published work came in 1903, when the short story The Mysterious Mummy was sold to Pearson s Weekly He gradually transitioned from writing for Music Hall performers to concentrating on short stories and serials for magazine publication In 1909 he married Rose Elizabeth Knox.He published his first novel Pause anonymously in 1910 After penning Little Tich in 1911 as ghostwriter for the Music Hall entertainer he issued the first Fu Manchu novel, The Mystery of Dr Fu Manchu, was serialized from October 1912 June 1913 It was an immediate success with its fast paced story of Denis Nayland Smith and Dr Petrie facing the worldwide conspiracy of the Yellow Peril The Fu Manchu stories, together with his conventional detective series characters Paul Harley, Gaston Max, Red Kerry, Morris Klaw, and The Crime Magnet made Rohmer one of the most successful and well paid authors of the 1920s and 1930s.Rohmer also wrote several novels of supernatural horror, including Brood of the Witch Queen Rohmer was very poor at managing his wealth, however, and made several disastrous business decisions that hampered him throughout his career His final success came with a series of novels featuring a female variation on Fu Manchu, Sumuru.After World War II, the Rohmers moved to New York only returning to London shortly before his death Rohmer died in 1959 due to an outbreak of influenza Asian Flu.There were thirteen books in the Fu Manchu series in all not counting the posthumous The Wrath of Fu Manchu The Sumuru series consist of five books.His wife published her own mystery novel, Bianca in Black in 1954 under the pen name, Elizabeth Sax Rohmer Some editions of the book mistakenly credit her as Rohmer s daughter Elizabeth Sax Rohmer and Cay Van Ash, her husband s former assistant, wrote a biography of the author, Master of Villainy, published in 1972.


  1. The proto type novels of the mysterious evil orient Fu Manchu is sort of the Asian cousin of France s Fantomas A man who has a passion to do evil, and evil he does well Smith is his arch enemy good guy who goes out of his way to fight the evil genius Total pulp writing, but had an affect I think on the Beat movement here in the United States In many ways it s an exotic world with some drug taking, etc that captures a lot of the imagination of young Beats everywhere.

  2. I read all three of these books in individual editions many years back Yes, they each have their weak points at one point, an assassin is prevented from killing the unaware heroes when a tree branch falls on him and the racism is blatant But we can t ignore the good parts the series introduces a great character and many great ideas As the series continued, the writing and plotting improved especially with the fifth book In time, Rohmer gained considerable respect for the Chinese people and cultu [...]

  3. Sax Rohmer was the pen name of the English writer Arthur Henry Sarsfield Ward 1883 1959 , a prolific producer of pulp fiction and comedy sketches for music hall performers He was one of the highest paid and most successful writers of the twenties and thirties, due largely to his Fu Manchu series.Reissued in two fat volumes by Allison Busby after being out of print for years, the Fu Manchu stories have taken on an unexpected new edge recently Give Osama bin Laden long, tapering fingernails, rearr [...]

  4. People keep telling me how racist these novels are, because it s written by an Englishman, and has a Chinese villain at the center.I wonder how many of those have actually read the Fu Manchu novels I have read this omnibus, and noticed something that even Rohmer himself might not have been aware of the supposed hero of the piece, Nayland Smith, is worse than the man he hunts Fu Manchu may be a stereotypical mad scientist on a quest for world domination who happens to be Chinese , but he is also [...]

  5. Review of The Mystery of Dr Fu Manchu Fans of classic pulp adventures will be in their element with this thrilling action story, detailing a running battle between Oriental mastermind Fu Manchu and Nayland Smith, one of Scotland Yard s finest Written in the early 20th century, which really was the greatest time for the genre, Sax Rohmer s most famous novel certainly deserves the popularity which has followed ever since it was first published As a film fan, I came to this having seen the various [...]

  6. The first book in the volume, The Mystery of Dr Fu Manchu, was, I think, the best of the three in this omnibus edition Introducing the arch rivals Fu Manchu and Dennis Nayland Smith, together with Smith s sidekick Dr Petrie, in exciting and mysterious fashion Set in England, the locales are nonetheless exotic of course, England might be exotic to you anyway, if you don t live here London s Chinatown, full of dank opium dens next to a dirty River Thames, equally full with strangely mutilated corp [...]

  7. Foiling Fu Manchu The first three of Sax Rohmer s vintage tales about the diabolical Chinese super villain are packed with suspense and intrigue as British Inspector Nayland Smith waged a never ending war with Fu Manchu while his close friend and ally chronicles his hair raising escapades This is thrilling literature of the first order

  8. The Fu Manchu novels gave us an immortal villain and inspired some entertaining movies I can t say much for the books They are dull reading at best.

  9. Sax Rohmer was a master of the penny dreadful although his stories are much better than that description implies , particularly when it came to evoking atmosphere and especially that of sinister dives in the east end of London where his brilliant scheming mastermind, Dr Fu Manchu might have made his latest base from which to plot the downfall of Western civilization Always on the verge of pulling of the great coup, Fu Manchu is endlessly foiled by the dynamic duo of Commissioner Nayland Smith an [...]

  10. Sax Rohmer is that weird thing a bad writer of genius Like a lot of pulp, it s really about atmosphere And of course they are racist by modern standards, but what that doesn t tell you is Fu Manchu is really the hero He is the really evil bad guy but he KEEPS HIS WORD which in the old style British world view Rohmer was writing in, was like the absolutely pukka 100% sign of a true gent and good egg And as the books go on, Rohmer s sneaking sympathy for him becomes obvious, until by the Fifties [...]

  11. This omnibus details the first three forays of the sinister, but brilliant, Dr Fu Manchu into the UK.These three stories, narrated by Dr Petrie, tell of his, and Nayland Smith s efforts to foil Fu Manchu s efforts to create a New China that is one free both of colonial and republican influences.The stories are old fashioned, written in the second decade of the twentieth century, and as such reflect the prejudice of that era Fu Manchu himself, however, is repeatedly shown to be vastly intelligen [...]

  12. 2016 year long book More amusing than entertaining So much repetition across the stories contained in this omnibus that it felt like it read the same thing over and over again.Also, a bit disappointed that there wasn t focus on Fu Manchu himself given the prominence of him as the titular character The stories mainly focused on the ineptitude on his primary adversaries, Smith and Petrie, through their attempts to capture the elusive villain.

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